Food Theory: Testing the McDonalds McFlurry Cake! (Viral TikTok Hack)

Birt 8 apr 2021
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TikTok is becoming the place to find unusual food hacks. One that caught my eye was the McFlurry cake. I am what you would call a connoisseur of the McDonalds McFlurry and I wanted to find out if I could really get a McFlurry flavored cake. Today, I am seeing if this popular TikTok hack WORKS and if the McFlurry is the best choice... or if some other fast food ice cream treat would do it better. Theorists, let's eat CAKE!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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  • the hersheys sundae pie is heavenly though omg

  • My old car will run but that’s just a theory a tech theory!!!

  • I just want to point out that with a lot of youtubers with on camera pets, their pets sort of act like they don't like the owner. You can see in your cat's eyes that he really does like you. He's a cat. I've had cats for YEARS that aren't that comfortable being hugged and kissed like that.

  • Ollie I think that’s how you spell it makes me smile. Sorry if I’m wrong

  • Willy wonka with the jacket and the glasses

  • I have never heard cake so many times in my life lol

  • 11:20 get fucking rekt

  • I think whatever the artificial flavorings are lose it's flavor when heated.

  • I have cookout

  • Ollie just steam-broiled that McFlurry cake!

  • i' have to be the judge of this. the sweets void -dan

  • It’s funny, I just got a TikTok ad right before the video lol

  • You can make an Oreo cake (hydrox*) with like 5 ingredients it’s so good and takes less than 5 minutes Edit: I bet that a lot of the cakes would probably taste better if you added icing 🧁 but I also understand that you were looking for flavor in the cake it’s self not icing 🧁

  • the cake is a lie

  • Yeah I guess

  • tiktok in 2 years: OMG TIDE POD ICE CREAM AAAAAH

  • ...did... Did Matpat Rick rolled us?

  • The Whopper is king 👑

  • 0:15 am i the only one that connekted this to FNaF

  • Food theory is Never gonna give you up

  • Okay, so I just put my laptop in the microwave while playing a food theory video. 5 minutes later... OMG! My laptop just improved in quality by like alot!

  • just love your voice...its soothing

  • I feel like this is gonna become one of those at-home science experiments that has no use but is still fun to do.

  • I love how ya'll are so enthusiastic, I like that because most youtubers aren't even passionate about it and just do youtube for the money. :)

  • wait, mcdonald's ice cream machine works?

  • I just moved to PA from North Carolina and OMG I miss cookout

  • omg your kid is sooo polite

  • How many candles can you put on a cake?

  • I wonder what would have happened if you used cake mix instead of self-rising. Milkshake Cake sounds delicious.

  • mathew is never gonna give you up. i like the rickroll part

  • Why is Ollie a blonde

  • it looks like swiss miss I N S T A N T P I S S

  • the real question is how did she find out about this

  • How much flour per cup of ice cream?

  • Should've done 2 ports of the icecream (so more flavor) and just 1 part flour

  • Golly what a trend everyone rips on burger King until a video requires them to put it in their mouth and suddenly "huh not as bad as I thought when I last ate it 14 years ago"

  • The second he showed the science of how it worked I went into the kitchen and made cake out of just flour and water, it actually worked

  • He sould try oreo and milk in a cup and warm it up in microwave then boom yummy

  • Maybe you guys added to much flour? You said when it didn't mix all the way the flavor was more present. What if the amount of flour affects the flavor?

  • So basically this video is telling us that we can make bread from water and flour.

  • He looked like he was wearing Willy Wonka glasses

  • this video actually warranted a follow lol

  • You thought it was MatPat, but it was I, Rick Astley!


  • it’s so weird to think that he’s a dad, what??

  • Am I the only one who thought Matpat looked kinda fashionable in the opening. XD

  • 0:06 oh hey is that cyclops? Oh just matpat hmmmmmm...

  • 7:37 omg I’m dying 😂😂😂

  • What no Arby’s? I was hoping for an Andes mint or Jamocha shake cake.

  • Sonic's oreo shake is THE BEST!

  • Cook out really does have the best milk shakes. I'm lucky enough to live close to one.

  • i recommend my 321 mug cakes 3 parts cake mix 2 parts water 1 minute in the microwave

  • put on a red suit, he'll look like plastic man

  • I was always told the bubble s were yeast 🥲

  • The wendies looked like cornd beef

  • As an Australian I become triggered everytime he says "self rising"

  • I really need to try this with Culver's concrete mixer ice cream!!

  • Self rising flour sounds weird, self raising flour is better. To rise is a Subject-Verb sentence e.g. "He rose up". For Subject-Object-Verb you use raise e.g. "He raised a flag". Here self is the object so "Flour that raises itself" or self-raising flour. Case in point it's "He raised himself up" not "He rose himself up"

  • You know what the problem really is? Most of those “ice creams” are actually frozen yogurt. They don’t have the right ratio for a cake mixture, furthermore, you’re diluting the sugar with the flour, you’re going to need to balance that considering only sociopaths eat cake without icing anyway.

  • ( * )

  • 58008

  • 07734


  • Omg Ollie is so cute!

  • lol

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  • So you did fast food ice cream... what about store bought ice cream?

  • The baby theorist 🥺

  • 10:34 🥺🥺🥺

  • Ben and jerry ???

  • I shuddered everytime you said "self-rising"

  • none of these are actual ice cream cakes

  • guys muesli with milk is soooooooooooooo delicious

  • Try with crushed cookies and any ice cream I am making my last 3 birthday with this

  • I love the kermit in the intro.

  • "that salt...the brits tend not to include it" is that a diss 😂😅

  • You uh. You don't really need the oil either, if we're being honest.

  • Cookout is amazing, and very inexpensive

  • OK now this problem exists for all mug cakes, so… How do we make a mug cake that actually works?

  • How did he know I was in the car

  • This video is obviously fake cuz there’s no way you went to McDonald’s and ACTUALLY got a MCFLURRY the icecream machine is ALWAYS broke

  • Those glasses are not legal to use while driving😂😎


  • Just destroy like 3-5 oreos in a cup then u need milk in the cup but no much then like 1-2 min in the microwafe

  • I can tell you since I’ve worked at sonic in and off since 2015 that the ice cream (when it’s still in its cream form before it’s put into the machine. ) is mixed with some sort of flour and breadcrumbs and a little water to make the hand battered onion rings batter

  • Omg, your kid is so cute!

  • I’m not used to seeing matpat moving

  • “I’m still a fan of coke!” uhm u got smth to tell us?

  • ya know da cake bad when even a 2 year old rejects it

  • In Australia, at McDonald’s they are soft cones as well.

  • catttt i love cats do not be rude

  • 9:40 mathew: we give burger King a hard time on this. also mat: shows mcdonalds fries

  • "May I have some?" What a well manner child, he's so precious. 🥺


  • About 6 minutes into this video I couldn’t pay attention because I had the immediate hankering for a Oreo MCFlurry but my local McDonald’s is only open for 23 hours not 24. First world problems

  • Was olley alone at the house

  • Mmm Cookout proof you're from NC 🤣🤣 plus your kid is super polite 😍

  • Omg you mentioned the Harris Teeter Zero Calorie Diet Cola 😎💯

  • Microwave Oreo cake is better...

  • Maybe 🤔 the problem is doing in the microwave will it be different with a different cooking method like the oven or other cooking equipment.