Food Theory: The DARK Secret of Oreos

Birt 27 mar 2021
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Oreos are one of the most beloved snacks out there but did you know that they have a DARK history? Theorists, let's talk about Hydrox cookies. Oh, you don't know what those are? They were Oreos BEFORE Oreos. That's right! That classic sandwich cookie taste you love so much did NOT start with Oreos! What happened? Watch to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Emily Shwake, and Luke Barats
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Tyler Mascola, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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  • Oreos are overrated and are trash

  • I use a fork to dip my cookie in milk. Particularly almond milk.

  • Is is just me or does hydrox sound like it could be the name of a rip off brand of clorox wipes?

  • i dont eat Oreos

  • I put a fork through my cookie that I don’t get in milk for a couple of minutes then I eat it’ll

  • I look at the creme

  • Now I wanna try Hydrox.

  • "How do you eat your Oreo cookie?" I gotta say I didn't see that dark joke coming with answer D.

  • Nu uhh , I drip my oreo in my saliva then after a while it gets soft and then i eat it .

  • Omg I knew that Nabisco was crooked but I had no idea that they were the ones that ripped off a different cookie I'm definitely going to have to try Hydrox cookies because I love Oreos but I want to eat healthier and I want my daughter to eat healthier so they sound good honestly Thanks for the video 💜🍪

  • I knew it was a knockoff, but I'm more of a chocolate chip guy

  • a

  • shalon interner X'D wow weve never even heard of hydrox here i wonder if theyve been ever even brought to Israel

  • 100% A

  • I'm I'm kind of like an A and C person which I eat it like a regular cookie sometimes but I also twist it off and eating pieces well I don't even pieces I just twist the cookie off with lick the cream off of the cookie then I eat the cookie part of the Oreo

  • If I order, I’ll have to eat rotten food


  • I now have a craving for cookies

  • I think hydrox or a better name: hookeys meaning healthy cookies should sponsor big you tubers like pewdiepie or markiplier

  • My answer: E, I don'teat oreos.

  • D

  • B. i alwasy dunk my oeros n melk

  • My andswer for the pop quiz is ".b"

  • Hydrox is such a badass name. I prefer saying "I'm gonna go take some *hydrox* " than "I'm going to eat 30 cookies."

  • b

  • it ruined me eating oreos goodbye beloved cookie

  • how to eat a oreo: ( no answer )

  • A b c and d at the beginning 🤣

  • B


  • A

    • D

  • A.

  • I choose D

  • D but with milk

  • All three A,B and C

  • sadly d

  • Hydrox > Oreo. Fight me.

  • For the quiz I’m both a and d

  • If my brother is with me I give him the cream of the Oreo because I actually like the cookie better,if he’s not here I just eat it anyways cause I don’t wanna waste food.

  • I will only buy hydrox now 😌

  • B

  • I am a c for the pop quiz

  • I don't think i wanna eat oreos anymore

  • Tate's cookies are too good omg

  • wait up kid i cant comment for long the meaning of life is ...

  • I turn my Oreo horizontally then barely touch it then wait for it to sink then grab it with my two fingers.

  • D

  • a

  • thats it. oreo has to go.

  • E. Put you’re oreos in you’re cereal in little pieces.

  • Bbbbbbbb

  • Correct the cosher is correct

  • I thought this was about how Nabisco was cutting the cream out of regular oreos and selling what used to be regular oreos as "double stuffed".

  • d

  • D

  • im a e type of guy i eat the frosting first then eat the cookie

  • Pro oreo tip: Slide a fork in the filling and then dip your cookie in, you won't lose it again!

  • 0:12 Every high school kid ever: I'm going with c Also that's my answer

  • I eat it like a normal cookie Mat.... you ok?

  • I picked B

  • B

  • Dear sir! I had 4 for your hypothetical answer for D

  • C. It’s the best way to eat it !

  • B

  • I do all 4

  • Dri̹̣̇̏n̲͙̒͒K͈̥̎̌̄͘

  • D for the start

  • D

  • C. Edit: Why is everybodys comments long.

  • Im eating Oreos

    • I am not eating Oreos but i am happy for you, munch on those oreos buddy

  • The hydrox comercial is funny

  • D

  • A B

  • I eat it normal

  • But not d

    • I do D every saturday! Wait today is saturday brb

  • A b and c

  • MatPat, I love you don’t get me wrong. But I’m not going to watch this video because you are not taking Oreo’s away from me like you ruined Wall-E. Sorry not sorry

  • good information.

  • 3:35 you had to use the meme "they are the same pictures"

  • D. I’ve never done it but I never eat Oreos. Just thought it was funny.

  • 7:37 "מאט-פאט שאל אמריקאים, מה אתם רוצים" I am laughing so hard this joke is amazing

  • I a

  • B:dur

  • 12:03 when you watch it enough it might as well be

  • I’m more of a d kind of guy my self, no just me ok

  • To answer the quiz at the beginning: 1) Throw Oreos in a blender. 2) Add milk to the blender. 3) Blend. 4) Drink.

  • I eat the cookies first then eat all the cream at once last

  • I was watching this video while eating Oreos

  • PQOTD: B, definitely B.

  • 00:00 e) i don't cus im alergic

  • The market for 'kosher' is actually larger than you suggest; vegetarians, muslims, etc. also cannot eat things from pigs and so would buy cookies that had no lard in them, so... slightly more people than just the jewish community. It may have been a business desicion as well.

  • The next theory channel should be conspiracy theories

  • B

  • a

  • I am Jewish

  • @ 09:37 Steve Urkel sighting, bottom right square

  • Hydrox would be an excellent name for a cleaning product or laundry detergent. Their cookies are nasty though.

  • Hydrox name sounds chemical its closer to Hydroxide than hydrogen and oxygen

  • D

  • no, your not gonna ruin oreos for me.