European Super League confirmed by 12 founding clubs

Birt 18 apr 2021
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AC Milan, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid & Tottenham Hotspur have agreed to establish a new European Super League.
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  • This isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning. The clubs involved have made a mess of this project but make no mistake, it is in an embryonic state and will definitely happen eventually, it’s just a matter of compromise with UEFA who will sanction a Super League when it is suitably compensated.

  • Tottenham????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Trickle down economics, huh? That works.

  • Wait so even if Harry Kane stays at Tottenham, he could be banned from the Premier League and still not break the goal record? 🤣

  • Its over guys

  • " yeah it is about the money " drops the phone Drops my heart 💔

  • The fans don't deserve any better because they will still be watching and thus, financing this.

  • R.I.P to the game it's a sad day & I'm absolutely Disgusted by my club Man Utd for signing up to it

  • This aged nicely

  • Is NBA good for basketball?

    • I’d say so. Basketball would not be the sport it is without the great leadership the NBA has had since the 40s

  • Without the Big Six Clubs, the Premier League is trash... let's be honest. UEFA and FIFA are mad because they won't be getting piece of the PIE....not because they care about their corruptions and the state of the game.

  • The rich gets richer.

  • 10 likes and I’ll release my Disstrack on super league

  • This is hilarious, Sky Sports narrative manipulating sports fans as they have the most to lose. Gullible fans sucking it up for Rupert Murdock. I love it. Doesn't feel good when its happening to you does it? Karma coming back to haunt them. I personally don't care whether the teams stay or go, but I'm enjoying watching Sky, UEFA and FIFA getting a taste of their own medicine. LOL, 1000 CHELSEA FANS OUTSIDE THE STADIUM, ZERO ARSENAL FANS PROTESTING OUTSIDE THE EMIRATES. you can't make this stuff up, Arsenal fans know this is there only chance to be relevant and competitive again.

  • Here I am a hard-core Chelsea Fan and it feels really bad to see Chelsea being part of this money laundering project. What a disgrace indeed

  • All so that they don't have to go to the trouble of trying to qualify for the Champions' League. For example, Man Utd's Broadcast Revenue for the last three months of 2019 was down 37.6% compared to the same period for 2018, primarily due to non-participation in the UEFA Champions' League.

  • Sky sports stfup, I’m not even subbed to u. Why are u in my notifications

  • *JEBAĆ SUPERLIGĘ* 🇵🇱🖕S****League

  • As a united fan... I have just burnt my top... being a fan for over 30 years. Glazer... disgraceful.

  • Total elitism..

  • I love the idea

  • It will become boring

  • And what exactly makes Tottenham super? What late achievement does qualify them to be part of the 12? This whole idea of a new super league is just a bad joke...

  • Sadly the Middle East and Asian market will lap this up as they sit at home with their replica Ronaldo and Messi shirts on, probably not even knowing about the history of the club they 'support'! This is the market they want, and the Yanks of course. The real fans don't matter, no-one cares about them.

  • Wdf is going.

  • So Leicester will win the premier league this year probably BRAVO 👏 EXCELLENT EFFORT 🙌🏽

  • Go ESL!!!! 🗣️🗣️🗣️🙌🏼🙌🏼Whooooo!!! 🗣️🗣️🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼😆😆

  • Fans don’t attend and it dies. But fans will attend

  • what is my total price? of mouse an keyboard

  • No one should watch it then they will have to cancel it

  • I'm a real madrid fan but I'm not gonna support any teams in this shitty ESL

  • I like the super league

  • No

  • Je soutiens la super ligue à 💯 je dis bien à 100 pour cent . On va enfin une ligue intéressante ou il est impossible de prédire le vainqueur à l avance. ...ça permet de tester quelque chose de nouveau et si c’est un échec ben ils reviendront à la formule ancienne. Vamos Perez. Le PSG est prisonnier des intérêts français hélas, sinon il aurait été intéressant qu ils rejoignent ce groupe. L UEFA a besoin d un bon coup de pied au cul. Vamos Perez.😄

  • Like vaccines, digital passports etc, after a while, despite complaining, people will just accept it. Life goes on

  • Disgrace. Embarrassing as a man United fan

  • Kettle calling the pot black for me. Euro super league and Sky, just 2 greedy pigs at the one trough. The hypocrisy knows no limits. 👎

  • It’s a ridiculous idea

  • ESL is the future !

  • Time to choose you 2nd liked team

  • " yeah it is about the money " drops the phone Drops my heart 💔

  • Where is the 10 billion coming from? Who is paying these clubs all this money?

  • Wtf spurs doin

  • Liverpool being the fan's club was fake at the end

  • Can somebody explain to me why everyone is mad about this , it seems like a great idea to me we get elite clubs competing against elite club

  • How can it possibley help the football pyramid when none of the founding clubs can get relagated!? Disgusting!!

  • I'm not a huge football fan or anything, but this is STUPID. (I'm an NBA fan)

  • Lol he had to take a pause when reading his much they would be getting

  • Damn, I’m just go and support Leicester. Biggest club near where I live. Bye Arsenal 👋🏽

  • 12 big clowns!

  • i agree with the super league, can't wait to watch

  • Have a super league but hold it once every 3 years. “Big Clubs” get extra revenue and there’s still some form of novelty. And players will be less worn out from the extra matches too. Big Players who have “won it all” such as Ronaldo and Messi have new motivation as well and will be motivated to stay on with their respective clubs. Ofc this super league should have its own “relegation system” such that only the top 20 teams in the world qualify every 3 years. (Or a qualifying metric based on past 3 years performance in the champions league). Win for clubs, win for fans.

  • all other clubs should sign agreements to never sell a player to these clubs ever agian that way gl farming the non top clubs for there players

  • At first you can't believe it, "My - *insert club here* - ? REALLY?" But then you think about it again, and the owners all were ready to do this if they felt they had to.

  • Those rich american owners seem to think Europe is the same as America and they can buy and sell anything at any price. Good luck with that.

  • Cunts. Kick them out of domestic leagues.

    • Yeah I swear I am not gonna watch a single match in European super league

  • surprised that Spurs wants to join this gang...with all the big teams not in EPL,they could finally win a league title...😂

  • if we just dont watch the matches , the league they will end up in a loss and eventually stop

    • Yeah they loss money they go into crises and go back to uefa

  • Nothing is a disgrace... UEFA should stick to national/country games Must they handle both club & national team Abeg let give super league a chance Is UEFA FREE FROM CORRUPTION?

  • Shameful

  • Just seeing Uefa cry about the ESL makes me think it is one of the best ideas football has ever seen. When the corrupt are afraid of loosing their seats, something is going well

  • Brb imma gonna start to watch so called "farmers league" that CLEARLY are respecting the fans

  • america got involved in the middle east and look at what happened

  • i dont like this but .. i guess its for the future ? money is king .. remember ..

  • The PL did the same thing to the championship and FA. Has everyone forgotten?

  • dogshit

  • But hey, if arsenal and psg or Barca vs Juventus are playing eachother, you won't watch it? Course you would

  • If the big six are out, PL will be wayy more interesting

  • Bring it on

  • The nba of ⚽️⚽️

  • 12 clubs have come together. Wrong, 12 owners.

  • For Tottenham you feel it's a big cou,

  • Absolute disgrace

  • U just lost a billion fans this is ridiculous shows the wealth gap.. needs to turn in to nba where players get and attain more power... is inter miami gonna be one? 😂

  • I thought covid is bad... My God what's wrong with our beloved football has become!

  • Will open african champion league

  • Get out of our football, the American financial giants. we don't want another Major League.

  • Sky and bt will be there too 💰💰all greedy the lot of them !!!

  • This league will be a bore it will be like Uefa champions league every week

  • The real dirty dozen.

  • Nottingham forrest as my 2nd team, is now my 1st, bye liverpool

  • Meh... all shouting boycott will hypocritically watch these games. this is good way to shake up old and boring league when the bottom 12 teams in each of these top team's respective leagues do not pose any competition and these top team simply have to do their chore to play them. If its about money,,,, hell YES... that makes more sense.. you want your team to have best players, coaches and facility.... it doesnt come free and charity. This will be more fun to watch rather than some Tier 1 team thrashing relegation team. So stop bitching

  • What’s everybody so upset about

  • i hope these clubs will all be liquidated or the owners fined into oblivion they cannot be allowed to get away with this i also hope that every fan of these clubs continue to fight this and boycott their clubs making sure they gain no more revenue from fans they want to think they have all the power? i think it's time to show them who really has the power

  • Don't let foreigners buy English clubs. They don't care if our national sport is ruined. I won't watch Man United or buy a single product, ever again.

  • What does this super League mean??

  • This can’t happen!!! Champions league is done out

  • Football is finished if it happens.

  • Good by to the, clubs c ya

  • We've emotions attached with these competitions. As a city fan I've always wanted us to win the UCL and was always heartbroken when we failed to do so. I don't think we can generate those emotions for a new competition made for fixed number of members who have joined just for money. Football is becoming more of a business than a game. Disappointed.

  • as long as tv companies dont sign up to show matches they will struggle

  • Those walthy billionaires has put so much money to this. Its soo much, it is too much to loose. It is up to you pheasants whether to support this and make them even richer or turn your back away and not support them by not buying season tickets and tv subscriptions.

  • Goodbye football, what a shame, going the same way as boxing and formula 1!

  • I'm not gonna support my team anymore . Money and politics have ruined football. Greedy people forgetting what the game is all about

  • Absolute disgrace all of these owners

  • "Capitalism is only cool when it's done onto others, not on us" -western population

  • Money money money 🤣

  • Its not "the clubs", its the bosses of the clubs, its their fault. Thats an important difference. Its not the players, the trainers, the employees, the fans, its the bosses of these clubs.

  • ESL is the form of a fight back from them againts the corrupted UEFA and FIFA. ✌🏻

  • Lots of money involved!