Early Release: Beyond Belief Dance Company Surprises The Judges - America's Got Talent 2021

Birt 4 jún 2021
This kids dance group performs a dazzling routine while Justin Johnson, also known as Alyssa Edwards, cheers the girls on from the sidelines! Beyond Belief Dance Company dances to "Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels" by Todrick Hall.
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Early Release: Beyond Belief Dance Company Surprises The Judges - America's Got Talent 2021

America's Got Talent


  • I watched drag race and I am surprised Alyssa edwards was here!

  • u all acting like its normal !!!!!! it's disgusting

  • Can we talk about this amazing wig for a minute?!

  • Those girls are gonna be stars They have an awesome teacher

  • Lovely to see our girl Edwards! She was always my favorite queen, period. 😎💅

  • Jesus. Those poor kids.

  • This looks like a good dance moms performance

  • This group deserves to be in the live shows, honestly.

  • hedis happy to see they’re all skinny

  • Ladies and gentlemen, the Haus of Edwards!

  • terry saying “you’re my hero, that was incredible” sent me

  • Why is everyone so good this season covid did something

  • Disgusting

  • never knew Alyssa Edwards can be Justin😂

  • There's one person in their that is my one of friends and its madie anderson I believe thats her last name but we go to the same school

  • I am so proud of these kids, their families, and Alyssa

  • this comment section did not pass the vibe check like idc if you don't know who alyssa edwards is but thinking that she's grooming children and profiting out of this is stupid. Literally dance groups audition all time with their coaches and you don't say anything because it's fine since it has nothing to do with homosexuality. Stop making up issues just bc these kids are being coached by a drag queen like so what? Homosexuality isn't something contagious and thinking they're bad influences says a lot about your character and how judgmental you are as person.

  • Yoooo I’m in love with every single detail!!! The outfits, hair, makeup, dance choreography and sass!!! Alyssa is fire af for teaching them. A freaken Goddess lol!

  • Knew right off who Alyssa was. My daughter subcribes to her channels for everything. Those kids are rocking with talent!!

  • Cute and killing performance 💗

  • They fact that they didn't 100% freak out over Alyssa Edward's is so upsetting.

    • They were probably told to pretend not to know who she was 😭

  • So Alyssa brought the Mini Elites for competition woohoo

  • This is evil and pedophilia. This creeper dude training these young girls to dance and dress like this. Pure evil.

    • you're sick bye

  • i like how allyssa didn’t have the girls overly sexualized. sure they were wearing makeup and glitter but they weren’t showing a lot of skin or doing inappropriate moves. and i think for their the scene showed off there personality and dance skills and not their body’s. plus they’re all so beautiful!👑💕

    • Alyssa comes from the Edward House, where the drag are trained to be excellent dancers and pegeant-ready. Also, Alyssa Edwards has a too much big reputation to let down all the work she had done all those years...

  • The girl with red hair really stands out I wonder if it’s because of her hair or her neon yellow outfit

  • What the hell is wrong with the parents!

  • Oh my goodness**

  • ismem.info/for/v-deo/y4CtY6OqrcSXkKA.html

  • Justin?!

  • Omgosh ALYSSA!!! I freaking love her!! That wig is everything!

  • I don’t normally have an interest in the drag community, but there is just something about Alyssa Edwards that you just can’t help but admire.

  • lets go layla !!!

  • the little one with blonde hair will go super far in the dance world, you can already tell

  • They kids even have serious awesome expression. They gonna grow as diamonds


  • same song a plus size dancer did and heidi didnt like it - ismem.info/for/v-deo/t5mVfa6JmKvLl4I.html&ab_channel=TalentRecap

  • Having seen their dance show i can only imagine how much drama there was when picking the girls who were going to be up on stage representing the dance team

  • I feel bad for the kids

  • Abby lee could never✋😌


  • 💕🔥💕💕

  • Awesome👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾❤❤❤

  • I really wanted Alyssa edwards to tongue pop sooooo bad 🤣🤣🤣

  • Way to indoctrinate the children smh.

    • mind your business 🤢

  • Yaaaas gals

  • Let’s go Beyond Belief ❤️❤️

  • Don’t know why someone thought to take the time to share this with me. Or maybe they just wanted someone to be honest since they are shy. I don’t have time for people who are sending mixed messages, scrambling kids brain cells, or who hates themselves so much they are proudly advertising their Shame!

  • The girl with the short blond hair with the pink actually good.she looks like she does ballet way she moves.

  • Am i the only person who hasn't heard of this Alyssa person

  • am I the only one worried about these kid's futures.

    • Yeah… they’re probably are going to end up appearing in successful music videos, earning a lot of money and doing what they love, with the same or more sass, gymnastics, sparkle and attitude, oh, the tragedy

    • Fr they were dancing so inappropriately

  • Alissa!!!

  • What’s the song called?

  • The camera 🎥 work is awful

  • I need the second season of Alyssa dance show

  • The power of Fabulous

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  • The teacher just wanted attention. That was cringy.

    • the teacher is widely known in the dance and drag scene so obviously they would want the teacher on the show so her fans would watch.

  • Kids being brainwashed that mental illness is acceptable in society.....how sad....I bet in the future we see this guy on an episode of cops

    • @Jessee way to push libtard propaganda. None of what you printed is true of the mainstream republican. Wr believe in America First. That means all americans not just our peers. We even encourage you libtards to speak your mind so others can educate you and break the delusions you live with. Mental health is a huge part of your party. Unfortunately the demonrats push bad mental health with their policies words and actions. But what else can you expect from the party that brought America the KKK Jim Crowe Laws and fought to keep slavery in America. They currently push CRT which teaches our children to hate each other based on the color of their skin. Maybe you should consider becoming a Trump supporter since he is the only President who has tried to make America a better place for all of us.

    • @Buck Naykid you say none of your kind see him as a god/devil? From a certain Social media site. How does Trump do it? The deep state has been dropping *** left, right and center for decades. Yet GEOTUS (God Emperor of the United States) is untouchable. How does he do it? Any evidence that they've tried? Or is it too risky to topple someone like him because you risk making him a matyr? inb4 "100% insulated". Yes, I know, but that doesn't tell me much. Any security **** have some insight on the complexity involved in keeping this man breathing? Funny how they call him a God Emperor. Smdh, you are so removed from reality that your brain has melted and your eyesight has failed you. Goodbye kiddo. You lost this argument

    • @Jessee lol wow are yay truely a libtards. You all have referred to trump s a Cheetos for 5 years. Look in a mirror if you really want to see a racist bigot.

    • @Buck Naykid funny how you all do worship him. You being able to figure out who i mentioned already proves that

    • @Jessee roflmao silly libtard we dont worship trump. You tards are they only ones who think that guy is a gor/devil. None of us are that delusional. Too bad delusions seem to be the common thread with all you snowflake libtards.


  • I’m uncomfortable.

  • I was like wondering, "do they really not know who Alyssa Edwards is?!"

  • 2:29 Alyssa makes Terry look like a contestant 🤩

  • They were sooo adorable!! Great job Justin!

  • They look like 10 year old kids and taught to dance to a sexualized song with suggestive moves....this country is so lost.

    • @Tia Kofi’s ice cream dress ignore them. If they think this is suggestive then they must be closet pedos

    • @Tia Kofi’s ice cream dress 'girl'? Umm..yea I am not part of your rainbow thing...what "credentials" LOL! Morals are instilled inherently. If you want to deny that so be it. Its UNIVERSAL. That is FACTS. People like you just want to ignore morals and be immoral. Common of Gen Z and those who raise them. I mean brought up to lie, cheat, and steal so you think its normal but you know its not yet you continue to do it. You’re upset at facts and truth thats why i’m looking at your comment thinking wtf

    • @Git Sum Gaming girl what credentials do you have to set the moral standard. you’re upset at kids dancing that why i’m looking at your comment thinking wtf

    • @Tia Kofi’s ice cream dress they are suggestive because they are suggestive wow the fact you want to continue to deny the obvious is hilarious. "add time stamps" ... Look go ahead and be immoral since you think you have all the time in the world. The truth catches up to everyone. Just dont get wet cheeks when it does and act like you finally want to have regret when its too late. I will critique what I want because you dont have to have credentials to understand the difference between wrong and right.

    • @Git Sum Gaming “they are suggestive because they are suggestive” wow what an amazing point. add time stamps since you have all the time in the world. and have you ever danced professionally? because if you haven’t don’t critique a dance because you have no credentials to do so.

  • brainwashed world

  • good job justin!

  • God bless the glorious nation of Hungary

  • Happy Pride Y’all 🏳️‍🌈

  • What a disgrace

  • Who remember the Netflix show about her

  • Howie is right....that baby is a superstar....she stood out.

  • 0:39 Simon's face LOL

  • sassy!!! the kids are on fire!!!

  • Umm not to level of amazing i would say 😅😅

  • Young girls acting like women. A man dressing like a woman. Sums it up.

  • These child dancers are ON POINT! Beautifully choreographed and my hat (and wig if I had one just as fabulous) off in respect. The toe points’, exact timing, etc. This is future Madonna/Brittany/Beyonce stage dancing level and should be recognized-Attitude and technicality. It’s everything

  • Love Alyssa..Justin!!!

  • I cant believe this. Alyssa Edwards and Storm Large in the same season. They are two of my biggest inspirations! Much love ❤

  • This lady is from the hunger games!

  • yassssdd girls, i love it 💙💙💙

  • Divas❤️

  • This is propaganda and child abuse

  • AHHHHH!! Alyssa Edwards!! Thats great that he had his team of dancers performed for AGT!

  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • 💖💖💖💖

  • They all danced well, except for serena

  • Sad that parents are ok with the whole kids involved in the Drag scene. Amazing performance but sad where America has stooped to.

    • @Jessee very mature response troll

    • America already fell hard electing the joke known as Trump as president in 2016

    • ismem.info/for/v-deo/u4WpnGev2pnOerA.html TIKTOK DANCE

  • Loved this one!

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Lmfao hey Alyssa my daughters 1 and a half do your magic 🤣 I wanna see her on step up 7

  • Justin Beaver

  • heidi: “you don’t look like a justin” also heidi: *plays shut up and drive when she got home

  • I saw this on tv and had to say somin wat makes this art I c exploitation of kids for a guy who couldn’t get grown ppl to dance his routine to make money for themselves while showing a section on pedies somthing to c for wat???? THIS NOT COOL!!!!

  • Y’all gonna let lil girls dance lik this????

  • Got to be honest I didn't even watch it after I seen that It walk out on the stage

  • Alyssa ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Wonder how many of those kids are going to be in therapy later in life for childhood molestation related psychological trauma.

    • @Susy Gibler no one, talent show

    • Arguments: no one

    • Finally some common sense comment

  • GG civilization, it's over.

    • Arguments...

  • Justin!

  • WOW WOW WOW!!! Love you Alyssa Edwards!!!! This was Amazing! Love it!!!!