Arsenal 0-0 Villarreal | Arteta Should Leave In The Morning! (Lee Judges Rant)

Birt 6 maí 2021
Arsenal 0-0 Villarreal | Arteta Should Leave In The Morning! (Lee Judges Rant)

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  • Changing the manager will not change Arsenal's performances. Looking at other clubs like Leicester City, they are recruiting good players for less. This is through great scouting.

  • Chelsea would have sacked mans ages ago

  • Delusional channel

  • I'd love to meet lee met robbie troopz and tye and the claude🙏but lee talks sense and is nice sort of bloke

  • I am laughing, now people complain about what Ive said all the way, NOW they come, piss off all of you haters, kicking Arsene Wenger was stupid, now you see this... kicking Mesut Ozil was stupid, now you see this... and to make Saka holy? I have never seen the talent everyoone is talking about, not good enough, and because of the youngsters we play a B-team, and we all know B-teams never win anything!

  • Man hurt and don't know how to express it..... We totally understand what you're going through Lee :(

  • Only arsenal could make lord voldemort have a breakdown 😂

  • This channel is a complete waste of space. The contradictions are unbelievable

  • Arsenal will win ucl next season....

  • After watching Man City and Chelsea in their semi’s Arsenal efforts were absolutely shocking

  • After watching Man City and Chelsea in their semi’s Arsenal efforts were absolutely shocking

  • I genuinely can’t wait for Arteta to get sacked & go to some low tier club 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • They ask for experience from a manager but the manager before arteta had it. Arsenal fans are in their own world

  • Lee’s face is a picture of the pain that a lot of Arsenal fans are going through

    • The Arsenal dressing room needs Lee in it ...get em signed kronke

  • Emery deserved more time than we gave him.

    • They ask for experience from a manager but the manager before arteta had it. Arsenal fans are in their own world

  • He tried everything got me going 🤣🤣🤣

    • Has Lee been sunbathing with sunglasses on??

  • I used to think Ole is clueless but Arteta takes the cake.

    • They ask for experience from a manager but the manager before arteta had it. Arsenal fans are in their own world

  • Its time to go!!

  • Nice tan, Lee.

  • More importantly Lee, how can I get coffee stains off me jumper ?

  • Don Robbie! What a guy, I really like him! Respect to you sir, I'm not an Arsenal fan but I enjoy watching you guys because you're great!

  • The FA cup win is a fluke result. The referee help us a lot in the final against Chelsea. If not, I do not think we can win the FA cup. Arteta is just lucky.

  • Aubameyang poor he was our best player ffs

  • I can feel your pain Lee judges, Arteta out, kronkeout

    • 9:51 Lee sounds as though he's given up 😂

  • Good ebinin 🙏

  • 2 mid table teams playing in Euro league, arsenal are a midtable team with alot of average players

  • Bad ebening

  • They ask for experience from a manager but the manager before arteta had it. Arsenal fans are in their own world

  • The Arsenal dressing room needs Lee in it ...get em signed kronke

  • Has Lee been sunbathing with sunglasses on??

  • Why do arsenal fans keep calling for their managers to be sacked 🤦‍♂️

  • RIP Claude - at least he doesn't have to suffer through this too

  • Two tone Lee

  • Is he gonna cry 👀

  • Chin UP LEE!!!! who is it darling?? It’s the GAS MAN!!!

  • Put your tampon back in

  • Wenger out!?

  • Lee’s been sunbathing with ski goggles 🥽

  • 9:51 Lee sounds as though he's given up 😂

  • @11:12 "I'm not that disappointed" eeeeeerrr it don't sound it - it sounds like your proper fucked off with it lol!!!

  • MA is nice guy but it is not the mgr for gunner exit door is open go before been sack

  • Arteta Out, Emery Out...Wenger IN!!!

  • Its so weird we didnt score 1 goal with all those talented players on the field

  • Arteta out.

  • get the Leeds manager in

  • You're squat is shite, especially defence.. I don't believe arteta is as bad as everyone says

  • So who is the replacement for Arteta ??

  • Arteta IN!

  • Arteta would last less than a fortnight at top clubs like Chelsea / City

  • in the words of a very wise man... IT'S TIME TO GOOOOOOO

  • Yes I was backing arteta but like Lee said I wanted him to do great things at our club but he ain't gd enough so as caulde would say it's time to go

  • A wise man once said "its time to gooooo!"

  • Yes every arsenal fan is fed up

  • Why did he bring Eddie on what did willian do that was so gd Lee judge's

  • An some of those players shouldn't have started

  • I never like that formation from the beginning

  • The whole eleven was poor an also the manager

  • He could see that the formation was not working an still he continue to stick with it

  • Caulde was right he must b so piss off in heaven

  • His formation was totally wrong again an than not one of these players showed up

  • This club needs a complete overhaul from top to bottom

  • When is it gona end wobie?

  • We lost because of Arteta's wrong team selection and inexperience! The Board needs to show more ambition to make the fans happy!!

  • Lee is the sickest man goin

  • did someone say willock isn't good enough?...Great we'll take him then..

  • I know he is suffering, but I love Lee for his honesty

  • As a supporter base, we need to be more realistic when it comes to players coming and managers coming in. I really appreciate Arteta as a manager but he should of never of had this as his first ever managerial role. Even Ole has some experience. But we all cried when Brendon Rodgers was on the shortlist but look how well he's doing now. We need a big change and that starts with the owner.

  • Smith-Rowe poor? He was the only player showing any real desire, not his fault the rest of the team were static and had no energy. It's clear the future needs to be built around esr and Martinelli, they're the only players in the squad that show desire and commitment.

  • The FA cup carry by Auba really sold arsenal fans a dream

  • I'm sick of this BS that Emery wasn't good enough... He just turned over your boy with a club the size of your local burger shop

  • I've got the solution for Arsenal RAFA BENETIZ


  • i agree with arteta being inexperienced but i disagree with arteta being yes man for the board, he might look like it on the press but the desicions to subbed off auba was a major statement to the board from him.

  • Respect and love for Lee Judges. I'm surprised Arteta is still at the club right now

  • Arteta's micro managing has lost the dressing room treating them like 10 year olds

  • I’ve said this many times that Arteta must go now most of you are talking after such a long time gutted .

  • AFTV should shut down..

  • Where was the player rating video?

  • When we replaced Fabregas with Arteta was the first mistake

  • No creativity. no assist. Obviously the fault is Arteta.

  • Love you.lee from Birmingham

  • Did Arsenal fans really expect to win the uel when they can barely finish top 10 in the prem?

  • Wenger out!!!

  • Lol u lot deserve it for sacking Wenger look at u now looool

  • 12 minutes of this guy speaking, and he's not said a single thing. incredible.

  • Arteta just doesnt understand when he needs to press, when he needs to counter, what players he needs against a deep line and what players he needs against a deep line. These are very basic tactical concepts. The biggest thing is that he doesnt know how to change the way we play if it is not working

  • Yes Lord V

  • First of all Gud Ebening

  • Wenger put a curse on you all.

  • I blame wenger, wenger out

  • Bring in Steve Boulds...he was my choice

  • Is he pissed? 🤣

  • We were better off with Emiry

  • Great crant Lee... Zero experience manager not helping the players to perform. Arteta out.

  • The 'I tried everything but nothing worked' reminded me of Kevin Keegans downfall as England supremo after losing to Germany at Wembley....Recognizing his limitations. A class resignation. ynwa.

  • These Arsenal fans started shaving each others balls, apparently.

  • chelsea sack frank lampard get a new manager they're in the champions league final. Arteta has to go. Arsenal have good young players who are arsenal through and through and he dashed them for the sakes of david luis willian cebellos cedric and that twat xahka, rob holding can go. Arteta lost the deressing room way back with the ozil thing. arteta has messed things up for the likes of Patrick Vieira, and Dennis Bergkamp, etc. oh and get rid of edu ffs

  • It’s sad seeing the downfall of this club, I miss Arsene

  • Hes starting to slur like Claude. R.I.P. the big man

  • Lol is that promo for manscaped a joke. Like Arsenal absolute bollocks.

  • Arteta is a DON lads.....