AOC called out over response to Chauvin verdict

Birt 21 apr 2021
The 'Outnumbered' panel slam Biden, Harris, Ocasio-Cortez for reactions to Chauvin verdict.
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  • Do the left know they don’t make sense.... or do they just don’t care???

  • Thank God for Leo seeing the true light. And for speaking up’s boldly of what is really going on. There really isn’t much anyone can add after what he just said he spoke 100% true facts.

  • You can tell joe biden doesnt even believe or even really care what he is reading off the teleprompter. Joe and kamala are an embarrassment to the United States!


  • TRUMP should still be our President I thank he was the best President that we have had in a long time

  • Systemic racism in Chauvin case? Funny, Kamala Harris is an attorney but has no legal mind and a colored VP at that.

  • Want to see RACISM? Here it is.

  • aoc is a piece of garbage !!

  • Keep going the way you are going you are going to get your self locked up soon ........

  • Richard Baca your daca caca

  • futiktok

  • And obama's . aarp foundation is bull TRUMBULL Insurance

  • Get these idiots out

  • It used to be low income whites, with problems.

  • AOC deserves to be in jail

  • Biden's picture is shown for the definition of "systematic racism" in the upcoming new world dictionary

  • A hand full killed by police. A truck load killed by black on black in Chicago every month. East Saint Louis is even worse than Chicago. When figured per 100 thousand population. Illinois is Democrat to the bone.

  • I've always been told by the leftist friends and family that Fox News is radical as I am pretty neutral to political sides. Now I see why they think that. The left simply cannot stomach the truth and logic. I saw nothing radical or extreme from this conversation and on the contrary, it was actually enlightening. Makes you think...

  • Biden: "Udidy, we need udidy"

  • Really brainless morons running things. This has to change. Time for idiots like AOC get thrown out.

  • Ben Shapiro at his appearances makes people have to identify a component of the Systematic Racism. They can't.

  • Does anyone really care what she has to say?

  • AOC is a person who never produced a thing in her life. She never used her 'business' degree to produce anything. All she's done is complain and tear things down. Period. I wish people would start listening to and voting people in office that are producers of things whether it be a product or helping others.

  • Lol the system is color blind? The system caved to a mob. I’m not saying he was innocent but he wasn’t gonna get a fair trial in this country.

  • And Karmala is allways standing right behind him...

  • 🖕biden, actually 🖕him, Harris, pelosi and all the left

  • Amen Leo we need more real men like you in the world and government thanks for saying what needs to be said

  • I’ve missed Kayleigh. She so hot.

  • I do hope America wakes up and gets someone like Trump re-elected as soon as possible, we need garage in the uk , Le pen in France and a total restructure of the leaders world wide


  • Leo needs to go sit down somewhere his parents didn't raise him to be this stupid fox news is nothing but fake news it needs to be ban nobody believes in God on this station

  • why is there only five of them there on-screen? that's racist. why is that one guy black? that's racist. why does that blonde chick support trump? that's racist. why are they talking? that's racist. why do people make fun of aoc for being slow? that's racist. where am i going with this? that's racist

  • I have asked so many of these small-minded idiots that if America is racist, like they say, then that must mean that THEY are racist, right?

  • What do you care what she says.

  • This AOC girl is a clown 🤡🤡🤡

  • Don't commit crime , don't fight cops and don't carry guns that is the way to stop being shot by police

  • I can't believe that guy said the system is colorblind

  • The Klan is running the show now on the largest plantation to ever exist in human history and Biden is the Grand Wizard.

  • Systemic racism is alive and thriving on the Left. Every policy they enact or push has or will harm those they say they stand up for. And still these fools vote for them in lock step. You get what you ask for.

  • He's pathetic

  • Called out by bigots 😆

  • Scumbag Biden administration can only have any footing by dividing people and ignoring reality.

  • Yay glad you’re gone.!!!!!!!!

  • The only way the democrats win an election is to promote systemic racism!!!! They use the black communities for there own agendas!!! They are without doubt racist themselves and it’s time the black communities woke up and realised this. Biden & Harris are the American equivalent of Diana Abbot in the UK brainless idiots who struggle to put one foot in front of the other never mind politics!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  • Actually ocasio brings quite a bit to the table. People need to study. She outsmarted trump on several things. I say this all the time and no one seems to be able to outdo my debating points. Which makes it boring for me. She has 5 policies that are smarter and more capitalist than trump. Take one green new deal. Tornados in the economy and the international market generate wealth technological advancement and drive drive prices down on a curve which becomes asymtotical to a line which is extremely marketable. The bigger tornado you have the more all the variables change for the more profitable. Trump missed it. Look people an electric car isnt just environmentally sound. It has several variables plusses. Its like a knight when you play chess. Everyone knows there are federal environmental constraints on cars. A 3 block long electric lincoln doesnt pollute. How many does japan produce? An electric vette is cheaper to operate environmentally sound accelerates faster faster top speed fewer moving parts to fail. More room for style. What happens when a corp or a country horizontally diversifies?? Defends itself from opec. Other domestic corps. Excess money for tech research. You have as many new buyers as you have hi tech advantages. To compete internationally.

  • Buck breaking is real

  • Theres nothing in the system that safeguards against racism. There was a black congressman who was stopped by police everyday he drove to work. Thats not a problem? Thats not racism? Wake up fox.

  • If you think the verdict was fair, check the interview with one of the jurors, where she said that, essentially, all of the members of the jury could not avoid the fear that if they DIDN'T find him guilty, their lives and their families' lives might be at risk in the near future!

  • Dems keep mentioning systemic racism without acknowledging the historic systemic racism of the democratic party.

  • No consequence or action will ever be "enough". "If even one person dies that's too much". Creates the platform and narrative for politicians to keep running on and the citizens have to back it along with the media, less their public inaction is confirmation of active racism.

    • It's also easier to be a victim in an identity group than interact, inform, compromise with others. Aka work to improve relationships. Be the change you want to see in the world right??

  • Lol what a clown

  • Leo Terrell 💯🔥

  • Maybe, police departments should just hire dark skinned officers...

  • Seeing Biden and Harris together is so interesting. You rarely see them together.

  • She always has her neck stretched out and blowing spiddle about but I swear to you she makes absolutely no sense. We can see the crazy in her eyes lol.

  • Yes sir. I agree 100%.

  • It wasn't a just verdict, he was charged because the jurors feared for their lives. How is that justice?

  • This guy is a nut job god help us all


  • Didn't biden place or help place that knee on poc in the 90's systematically

  • There is no systemic racism.

  • When they say President Trump is because they denied he lost or just as respect?

  • So sick of seeing and hearing Joe Biden speak like an old car saleman, bitter and resentful!

  • Leo is awesome! He delivers a powerful and concise message!

  • The democrats are a stain on America. They're the party of Confederacy. They're the party of the Klan. They're the party of Jim Crow. They're the party that threw all Japanese people into jail in WWII. They're the party of the trail of tears. They're the party that created the "white ethnic" category because they deemed the Irish, Italians, Russians etc. to be lesser than the WASPs.

  • rasssest burroOC....

  • Thank you Leo !!!

  • How many times again and again and again did I hear Democratic politicians swear up and down that those antifa and BLM protest in Portland and by the other protesters were all nonviolent protest they weren't Riots and a total melee with Anarchy in the streets with massive amounts of property damage. they were not violent, isn't that right Democrat politicians. You Democrat politicians assured all of America that our lying eyes and Federal law enforcement officers were deceitful in their descriptions for over what ahindred consecutive days and nights of this put of control violence. there was no violence committed by your voters in Portland was there Joe Biden, Miz Cortez, Maximum violence inciting Congresswoman Watters. You are all a disgrace to law abiding, patriotic America

  • The “system worked,” are you shitting me.. Big down vote for that parting quip...

  • The “Guilty verdict” was a travesty of justice...

  • Affirmative action is the true systemic racism!!

  • St George of Kirby kilt hisself!!

  • Chauvin is a political prisoner!!

  • Thank you Tube, it wasn't a comment, but a question, you tube , deleted my: Apples are good Post. What is wrong with those 3 words, once I was red line for just the : A . wow A is taboo.

  • Leo,I like you

  • AOC is nothing more that a stain in American history.

  • This woke liberal stuff is CRAZY and must be STOPPED 🛑! It gets to the point where not hurting people’s feelings becomes more important than the right of free speech! 🖕🗣

  • J’étais porteur de l’hépatite B, et je l’ai découvert il y a 2 ans lorsque j’avais besoin de tests médicaux pour postuler à un emploi. Il me fait très peur, et j’ai été si désespérée depuis que je l’ai entendu, j’ai l’impression d’être un paria et différent des autres. Je pleure toute la nuit, je ne peux pas penser correctement, je suis tellement en bas. Même mon médecin m’a dit que je ne pouvais pas transmettre le virus à l’aide des mêmes ustensiles, de la même salive, etc., sauf si j’ai des rapports sexuels. Je suis toujours malade, personne dans ma famille n’a cette maladie. Et je ne sais pas où je l’ai eu. J’ai fait des analyses sanguines plusieurs fois et mon foie va bien, et je ne ressens jamais de douleur dans mon corps, mais je ne peux pas bien dormir tous les soirs depuis que je connais ma situation. J’avais désespérément besoin d’aide, et j’avais besoin d’herbes pour me faire sentir mieux. J’ai été présenté à la maison à base de plantes de santé dans qui ont un traitement à base de plantes réussies à l’hépatite B . J’ai parlé à peu de gens qui ont utilisé le traitement ici aux États-Unis et ils ont tous donné une réponse positive, alors j’ai immédiatement acheté la formule à base de plantes de l’hépatite B et a commencé l’utilisation, j’ai utilisé le supplément à base de plantes pour seulement 3 semaines, tous les symptômes progressivement disparu, les herbes sont vraiment cadeau de Dieu. contacter cette clinique à base de plantes par l’intermédiaire de leur drosasherbalhom@gmail. Com WhatsApp +1(409)401-4679

  • 5:55 George Wallace had a sulltion to rioters that want to burn down a building on Face the Nation 1968, people didn't listen back then - now we suffer . . .

  • What burn more buildings Biden??

  • Trump and compassion in the same sentence? Please, he cares about one thing , and that’s his money

  • Did she use compassion and Trump in the same sentence? Please!

  • The fact that there is even a marginal chance that Chauvin could not have been found guilty given all the evidence is in itself a sign that the system is not working.

  • Trump might look arrogant but he cares for America.... He is a realist and pragmatist.... That's why some traditional republicans don't agree wth him on some issues.... That is OK because it's democracy....

  • As Rashida Tlaib said NO POLICE..No Incarceration so welp lets go medieval on any one whom comes near. but wait she is a congressperson she needs protection by police..hmm no police for reg person no police for you madam. lets just say hmm well no guns ever for law abiding citizens that worked well for Chicago. Lowest crime rate world wide If you do not count the murders or. attempted murders Chicago is the pinnacle of no gun laws!!!

  • Man if you have nothing to say, dude keep quite. You sound like a sale out🤣🤣🤣

  • Poor AOC, every time she opens her mouth , she shows her dumbass! There has to be some stupid people in NY to vote for her

  • That joke of a president is the 2nd biggest stain on the soul of America ...the biggest stain on Americas soul is what the U.S. government did to the Native Americans 200 years ago all the way to present day. Am i really supposed to respect or event trust an entity whos "M.O" is to slaughter women and children you really think they've changed inthe last 100 years ?

  • Demorat Idiots cant follow intelligent people. They follow clowns and actors. Idiots..

  • American police forces killed three people per day in 2019, for a total of nearly 1,100 killings. Those numbers are far higher than in other wealthy western countries. In comparison, The Guardian reported in 2015 that there was a total of 55 fatal police shootings in England and Wales between 1990 and 2014. Only 15 people were shot fatally by German police in 2010 and 2011 combined, the newspaper reported. The U.S. population is about six times that of England and Wales, and four times that of Germany. According to Mapping Police Violence data, December and January were the months with the most police killings last year. In December, 110 people were killed by the police. In January, the figure was 105. In February, the month with the fewest deaths, 80 people were killed by the police. There were only 27 days in which no police killings were reported, according to the data.


  • If the system is systematically racist well..... Those people that are saying it ARE THE SYSTEM!!!!

  • I'm trying to think like a Democrat. I got a great idea. Let's just print enough money so ALL American's get a million dollars. Since we don't care how much in debt we get. Then they can tax us 40% and then they will have tons more money for their green new deal.

  • Systematic Racism as told by some rich white guy just sounds sort of..... stupid.

  • During Trump we were the laughing stock of the world. We are now regaining our once held world wide respect.

  • What about the 100 or so cops that have been killed by all colors of the rainbow? Why don’t we hear their stories? I used to be a Democrat. Not now.

  • With out a doubt AoC is hands down the dumbest person in the room..... unreal how she has any political position!

  • AOC is nothing but a anti American scumbag.

  • Let's get it done. Time for an Impeachment on Radical UnConstitutional, Joe. Right now. ASAP. Right NOW!

  • He speaks the truth