AirTag Unboxing, Setup and Everything You Wanted To Know

Birt 30 apr 2021
AirTag has been released by Apple along with many AirTag accessories. In this video I unbox AirTags, explain what is an AirTag, unbox the AirTag keychain, AirTag Loops, setup AirTag and show you how locating an AirTag Works. I show this to you using an AirTag and iPhone 12 Pro Max running iOS 14.5.

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***Time Codes***
00:00 - Introduction
00:17 - Price
00:38 - Unboxing
01:08 - Design overview
02:01 - Battery
02:25 - Setup
03:16 - AirTag options
03:37 - Speaker loudness
04:38 - Unboxing accessories
10:11 - Locating an AirTag
13:24 - If you lose your AirTag
15:15 - Privacy
15:55 - Conclusion
16:34 - Outro
16:54 - End

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  • When you watch this to find out what a airtag is but your not paying attention or listing because your way more interested in your first ever pop it that your mum got you today!

  • Question so if I wanted to hide this in my car to track just incase it was stolen will it work? Is it possible lol sorry to post 4 times just would love a real professional answer if possible

  • Question so if I wanted to hide this in my car to track just incase it was stolen will it work? Is it possible

  • Question so if I wanted to hide this in my car to track just incase it was stolen will it work? Is it possible

  • Question so if I wanted to hide this in my car to track just incase it was stolen will it work? Is it possible

  • Thank you for the help! I have these on Tonka & Monroe! I will always be able to find them if they go for a run without me!

  • $29.00 for a single AirTag and @35 bucks for the case !! LOL !! thanks for sharing this .. I just got mine !!

  • This airtag depends on paired IPhone network to know its location ? If my item is misplaced far away and my iPhone was not around when it got misplaced , how will I be able to track and reach my item ?

  • Apple: Make a problem, sell the solution

  • Does anybody know if you can put these on your AirPods? I always loose them lol

  • Not nearly as accurate as I presumed/hoped. Based upon your video starting to direct you at a distance, I had no luck until 7 or 8 feet. I was on Apple Support call for hours (literally) deactivating and reactivating. and going through several steps with a SENIOR ADVISOR at Apple.It's 'off' by 25 feet outside in a clear line of unobstructed vision. I'm waiting for the advisor to call me after his engineering staff review data I transferred them. I've asked to return it for a refund if it can't be improved for accuracy. Perhaps the 2nd generation will work. As it is, I'd need a trained dog to find things. First ever Apple item I've not been dazzled by..

  • Now hopefully in the new AirPods Pro if they release a 2nd one apple will have the lost sound feature installed in there product

  • Can I use two different Icloud?

  • FYI - Duracell batteries do not work with these air tag.

  • I have an iPhone XR, will this still work without the U1 chip?

  • Aaron, once you click on wallpaper, how am I able to get it on my phone. Sorry new to this,

  • That is a cool little gadget. Thanks Aaron

  • A great feature would be that anytime any iPhone was near your AirTag it would add the location to your Find My app. This could work in the background. I believe Tile does that.

    • It already does that that’s actually the biggest selling point of the airtag compared to the tile because there are far more iphones then tile trackers

  • Why is it that it says Connected Signal is Weak Change Direction when it’s only a few metres away from me? Not very good if you looking for keys in your house! I’d expect that outside maybe but not in your home? Hope they fix this else it’s the only 1 I’ll be buying.

  • Let's say someone steals my airtag.... can he reset it or he will need my apple ID?

  • That saddle bag brown key ring is GORGEOUS 😍

  • Set mine up, within 2 mins, IPhone couldn’t find or locate it, calling Apple or I’ll reboot

  • If I have an airtag on a car key that is used by several family members, is there a way to connect the airtag to more than one person? Maybe via Family?

  • Something worth sharing with your viewers and that Apple support didn’t know; YOU MUST HAVE TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION TURNED ON for AirTags to set up and function.

  • To much expensive and not worth the money.

  • thank you for you knowledge share sir.

  • Didn't realize that it requires that your apple id uses MFA (multi-factor-authentication) and really don't like it because I don't carry all my devices all the time and at any given time my apple id signs out for no reason. Thinking about selling the one that I bought.

  • Opens the air tag Instant win for Right to repair.

  • If someone steels your bag or keys though they’ll easily find and remove the tag. Apple needs to sell hidden tags

  • What Apple Watch do you use?

  • Yes I have 1 air tag it’s Greatly 😋💯👍🎉🌟🎉🌟🌟

  • can you put guns n roses = welcome to the jungle on the air tag lol

  • I’m waiting fir my 4 pack to be delivered. I also got the Belkin key ring and was surprised it was plastic, I was expecting a silicone material. I customized 3 of the air tags too!

  • Does it detect if you are 50 kilometres away from the airtag?

  • Wondering if it’s safe to put on pets?

  • If I'm on an airplane and 300 passengers have AirTags on their backpacks, is my iPhone going to be blowing up with alerts of AirTags nearby?

  • Awesome video Arron!

  • Whilst I get the concept that Apple do not want Airtags to be used as a covert tracker, what if someone steels you bag etc, you perhaps do not what them to know they are being tracked, as if they fing the Tag they will get rid of it.

  • I picked up a air tag at my local target store surprised they even had them in stock still I had to order a belkin key chain for it because the apple ones are expensive so I ordered one from apple and it doesn’t ship till June so I put my air tag away for now till I get my key chin watching your video about the air tag is why I decided to pick one up 😊

  • I don't live in US but isn't 13 dollars for a keychain holder still expensive?

  • What if the person getting tracked has an android? How would the air tag notify them?

    • It won’t, so you could track them easy peasy

  • Could this be used to find a child or baby, as in attach it to their clothing, or in the case of a baby, maybe even sew it into their clothing. Then if they go missing, use it to find them?

    • Yes, but unlike a GPS/cellular tracker, it’s not constantly tracking and updating. I believe it updates every ten minutes and speeds up a by a few minutes when put into lost mode.

  • $13 for the Bellini holder? Probably cost them 25¢ to make. Crazy profit margin on that.

    • Cost to design, cost to build the equipment to make the damn thing, packaging design, package manufacturing, advertising, patent, licensing, shipping, insurance, profit = .02 per item. You’re welcome

  • Love the air tags, but boy do they scratch…..

    • @Richard Anthony Media Bloody hell dude, it’s not jewelry. It's something that literally hangs off luggage bags and keys. There is no way to keep something like that from getting scratched up. It's also quite inexpensive. If it troubles you so much then wait a little bit. No doubt some company will make an all encompassing case for it. Then you can admire it through scratched up clear plastic. 😄

    • @Frank Silvers A little bit of durability in design would be ideal. Who wants to carry around a scratched up tag. Not saying it should be perfect but damn, a couple of days and it’s looking pretty rough.

    • Why does that matter?? It's a pure utility device meant to take punishment.

  • If you find an airtag how do you let the person know if you have iPhone 12? If go into find my does it show the air tag you found or the air tag which is your own??

    • @TH3mrBROWN thank you

    • If you tap the airtag (white side) on your iphone (towards the top near the cameras) it should give a little pop up that you can click to view the owners info.

  • just bought one! bought a cheaper 3rd party keychain for it though loll

  • It would have been nice to see a scenario where you pretend you didn't know what area you lost the item. Let's say something where you're 3 miles away from you lost it, use maps and do that whole process.

  • but do airbags come with jiggle mode?

  • I bought a four pack for my wife and I. How will it work on a iPhone 10XR with 14.5 ? Thanks

    • I looked up compatibility and it says iPhone 11 or newer.😨

  • A case is more expensive than the individual AirTag😐

  • Bluetooth Low Energy I like it

  • If I put one on my kids backpack can I see in find my app or on maps the location where the air tag is and backpack is located at? Thank you

  • Thought about using this for a bike (AS ADVERTISED) but without the option to delay “unwanted” tracking notifications, and the ability for the thief to disable it. Why would you????

  • Really love your videos high quality and a lot of Details ! Follows quite a lot and enjoys very much keep doing what you are doing :)

  • now all we need is a iphone case that if a thief steals and turns off your phone, you can hide one of these in it!

  • The iPhone nfc is at the top near the camera. Tap the airtag there and it works well :)

  • Great Video!!

  • Can it work on iPhone 8 please

  • Key 🔑 ring 💍 to expensive no no

  • I wish you’d mentioned that Find My needs to be enabled in the Privacy-Locations settings to be While-Using-App, for Precision Find to work. Took me ages to work out why the green Find option wasn’t appearing for me 🙁

  • What I don't understand is why it doesn't warn me when I leave it somewhere. It would be very important for me not to lose my things.

    • You would think it would work that way!!

    • @James Vas I really hope they will fix it soon with a software update

    • That my friend will be air tag 2 I’ll wait for the second version 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Wish you could just ask Siri to make it beep like, “Hey Siri, where are my keys?”

    • @U PdR I haven’t messed much with it either, but if I end up getting a AirTag I’ll try it out, or I’m sure someone smarter than me has already done so, if it is possible that is. Lol

    • @TH3mrBROWN oh really? I haven’t really explored the shortcuts app. I hope that works out haha

    • You probably could, using shortcuts app.

    • That’ll be coming on the $49.99 ones

  • I got my airtag from my local apple store on release day, but after only 2 hours of the store being opened, they were sold out of the accessory i wanted, the black belkin keyring, so until I can get that, it's in my wallet but I plan putting it on my keys

    • You can always get it online

  • Very cool.

  • An Apple product where you can just change the battery 🤪

  • won’t the privacy thing make thieves aware of their existence?

  • Family sharing is desperately needed for shared items such as a family car’s keys.

  • Mine won’t connect..

  • 29 dollars for a bike tracking device with no annual payment?! Count me in 💯

    • @Blazin Zun nope. Just report it lost on the find my app and anyone with an iPhone within Bluetooth range will ping it. It’s really cool

    • If your bike is taken by your friend or someone, but your phone is with you and bike has gone some distance to another town, how airtag is gonna know the location, then It will be impossible to track as it don’t have its own network, fact that it depends on your iPhone to know location , ain’t it ?

  • Kinda wanna buy this for my keys but it looks very big and kind ugly

  • Can I change the sound?

  • BE WARNED. if you’re planning to use an AirTag with your wallet it won’t work with a RFID blocking wallet. The RFID blocking technology blocks the AirTag signal!!!!!!!

  • Mine says 2021 at the bottom of the box

  • Great review & excellent demonstration on how it works in real life 😊👍

  • Thanks for the in depth descriptions. Can you locate your car with the air tags?

  • Can I put it inside my car? I 'm always lost and forgot to where I park my car especially for big parking space

  • Wonder how long it will be before someone tags their spouse to see if they are cheating. LOL

    • ​@depellerinluc If the tag is unable to get a connection to the "find my" network for an extended period of time, I believe it is 3 days, it will start beeping.

    • Especially if the spouse uses Android, in theory you could track them for the life of the battery

  • Zollo to 1 mil subs! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  • To clarify, at 15:30…. If someone steals your wallet, they can disable tracking from their phone?

  • How do you family share AirTags? It would be nice to have my wife and I share each other’s list items from either of our iCloud accounts. Is that possible? If not, when will that feature become available?

  • I finally got a tour of Aarons house!

  • The stainless part, is it magnetic? I have a single use case for one AirTag if it’s magnetic.

    • nope not magnetic, its a push and twist cap to hold the battery in.

  • Cool, I will pick some up when I start traveling again to put on my suitcases. I'm glad to hear there is a safety feature to notify you if someone puts a tag on your items.

  • I appreciate this Aaron

  • Mine arrived today, only got one to start with, so far I am impressed by the whole pairing and location process, will be getting a four pack next

  • 2 leather loops and 2 leather keychains!

  • Maybe I’m missing something but when does the air tag not let you see where it is on the map?

  • Aaron,I ordered these so your presentation was very helpful.However, you did not mention what would happen if the Air Tag was in lost mode and no one actually found it.In this case, how would it be found?

    • As long as its lost in a place where people walk past, you will get its updated location in your "Find My" app.

  • "ZOLLO IN THE JUNGLE" for the love of the AirTag

  • Zollotech is so close to 1M subs make sure to subscribe him

  • belkin one looks so cheaply made

  • Do you need to have Two factor authentication set up to use these?

  • Apple will sell BILLIONS of these things

  • My four Airtag were bought on first day and have been shipped arriving in a few days.

    • Lol I have to wait almost a month for mine you lucky

  • I am thinking that these would be great to hide in your luggage while traveling. Whatever item these are attached to, a thief can merely throw out the Airtag and keep the stolen item. I think this is important to keep in mind before using one. Keys okay but a purse maybe not. Thanks Aaron for your great videos.

    • It can aid in theft prevention but there is a small window for doing that before the thief is notified.

  • Never understood these trackers. You can't use it for theft it seems as it will alert the thief that they're being tracked and who just loses backpacks, camera equipment and big items like that? Keys I can somewhat understand but if you have a dedicated spot for keys in your house that's a better solution. Anything small you can lose the tracker won't fit on so what's the point?

  • Will precision tracking work with Apple Watch 6? Because Apple watch 6 has U1 chip. No one mentioned that.

  • Apple needs to add some sort of one time access pass for other people to find your AirTag. Sort of like CarKey sharing through iMessage. For example, I left to work and realized I forgot my wallet. I can then share access to my AirTag to my wife to find my wallet with precise location. Idk if I’m making sense lol

    • Not a bad idea, perhaps they'll implement family sharing option on it, if it doesn't seem like a big enough privacy concern.

  • I'm wondering... If you find somebody elses airtag is it possible to connect it to your appleid and start to use it or will it be locked to first person appleid?

    • I was thinking that as well. Probably if you try to reset it by removing the battery the Identification information is probably stored in the firmware and can only be changed by the owner of the tag.

  • Zollo, what if lose the AirTags?