47 Minecraft Block Facts You Possibly Didn’t Know

Birt 18 apr 2021
47 Minecraft Block Facts You Possibly Didn’t Know! As on Minecraft 1.16, Minecraft has hundreds of blocks to choose from, with plenty more coming in the new 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update. With all of those blocks, it's easy to lose track of different pieces of information. In that case, Skip the Tutorial and Block Facts are covering the best bits of minecraft block information and facts. Frankly, most of this is useless minecraft information, but still fun to find out new things, and maybe you'll learn something.

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Footage collected by Frankie Mundo
The map used in this video is a modified version of the world download in GeminiTay's survival let's play series, which you can watch from the beginning here: ismem.info/for/v-deo/xXTZop9szavShqA.html
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  • Subscribe, or all blocks become spheres

  • 5:57 it rhymed

  • Fill every shucker box with shucker boxes = inf inventory

  • 1:14 Even though you said you were doing a collab, that still scared me when the voice suddenly changed lmfao

  • 11:51 what is that image?

  • 6:42 among us

  • 6:42 sus

  • 6:01 you can acually break a beacon with your fist, I have tried it and it worked.

  • In bedrock edition you can break a beacon with your hand he did not say that


  • Hv

  • Castle tutorial?!

  • WTF

  • Wow you’re sub Challenge was hard but I did it


  • The ludicrous wish aesthetically listen because sponge concretely object with a wonderful road. repulsive, dusty coach

  • Its Geminitay survival base at no. 11 HAHAHA

  • Di u know u can break a furnace with ur just fist i dunno if it workson java does any more people know about this i found it out by mysrlf

  • test it in 1.17, it is very weird

  • The sour romanian micrencephaly type because soy byerly slip than a resonant ankle. tangy, squealing croissant

  • 1:24 Them: there are 12 billion colors Me: that's 12 million

  • 10:47 is that GeminiTay's Survival World?

  • Hey ur channel is the best

  • No, if you carry full inventory of shulker filled with enchanted golden apple it means gapple=8gold blocks 1 gold block= 9 gold ingot and 1 gold ingot = 9 gold nugget

  • How to use a netherite scrap to make netherite

  • I still make cakes....

  • 6:42 amogus

  • 6:10 same with an ender chest

  • 6:42 Among us?

  • That's super easy I can do that with my head being backwards my eyes closed not looking at the screen and being dead I can still hit the Subscribe button

  • In the facts about beacons, is that GeminiTay Island?

  • Lol

  • Lingering potion or fire restiance is longer

  • Me: *Wonders why they made the predictable bedrock thing just in 1.12 Also me: *Remembers 2b2t is in 1.12*

  • May 17th is my *exact* birth date. (Not joking)

  • the guy talking in number 9 sounds like the guy from ideactivateMC!!

  • imagine haveing a shoulder box in a shucker box and that one also has a shucker box in it

  • 4:56 you can also place slabs

  • 12 *billion* 326 thousand 391

  • the world on 1:19 is from @gemini tei

  • (6:42) Me: Has literally 5 chests filled with cake

    • Still can't find people saying "6:42 press 'c', and then... *S U S*"

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  • 10:37 wait what is that giminitay's world😨😅

  • Hehehe… 69… 5:18

  • at 3:40 you can literally see a bee in the backround further then the shulker box

  • I did it behind my back

  • Update to the beacon iron pickaxe mining thing you can now obtain a beacon when mining it with your fist however it will take longer

  • 11:50 wow I didn’t know that… wait wtf

  • aqua affinity (Q in aqua)

  • The shrill congo elderly succeed because move concomitantly kill following a actually christmas. miniature, alive quiet

  • You wanna drop tintied towers

  • they used geminitays world download for the beacon omg I'm dying...

  • 1:48 Hi im little timmy and i gonna prove you its 63972 : SHULKER BOXES ARE ITEMS TOO

  • my birthday is may 17 my birthday was celebrated on that day aka year!

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  • DO FACE REVEAL BRUH, if you agree like this comment

  • He is lying its only 25 percent of people dont hit the sub button check on his logo says millions of subs

  • Fun fact: I cannot place a stained glass on a beacon so I ended up using a piston

  • Agent 47 there are minecraft facts about you

  • 2 : 25 fact was awesome

  • done

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  • Me: turns ten right when Minecraft does

  • Are u friends with gemini tay?

  • are you sure i know 42 of them

  • Is the world you are working in GeminiTay's world?

  • i like how it uses mario galaxy music in the begining. nostalgia

  • Now this is a squad👏👏👏

  • 6:42

  • There is also, polished cracked blackstone bricks

  • Excuse me block facts is here

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  • Bro when he started talking about how for a time everyone could access the enderchest that just brought back memories. Like I remember,not sure if this is correct or not it’s been a long time, but I remember that you had to be within a certain distance in order to access another persons enderchest meaning that you couldn’t go across the map and still be able to access another persons enderchest. And so on the world me and my brother used to play on I built a tunnel underground and at the end of the tunnel was an enderchest that connect to his enderchest and so whenever I wanted to steal something I didn’t even have to go into his house. This was on Xbox 360 so it might be different than PCs.

  • Netherite armor: whatever game your playing it won’t work. U cant defeat me Lava: no i know...But he can->Cactie.

    • Cactie: reeeeeeeee am i joke to you ?!

  • I knew some

  • Why every number he explain the voice change?

  • 6:42 AMOGUS. 😠😤😠😠

  • For Xbox one if hold down left trigger then move the cross hair over the barrel it show a open version of the barrel

  • one of the worlds is copyed

  • _Who amongst us is crafting cake anyways..._ People who need a good set of stairs...

  • i new about number 4! its pretty fun to use sticky pistons to make a rainbow coloured beacon.

  • 5:56 if you break the beacon even with your fist, you will get it back

  • You kinda sound like WATOP

  • place a bolck next to cactus the whole cactus brockes hahahahahahah

  • 8:31 quick charge and projectile protection

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  • red obsidian was lost

  • skip the tutorial: your probably going to see the pumpkin on a mob once me who saw it more than once:

  • 10:35 - that house...That bridge...Those stables... That’s GeminiTay’s world. I was like. Wait hold up I know this😂

  • 11:52 is this loss?

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  • He said 12,000,326,391 when the text said 12,326,391

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