20 Weird But Useful Ways to Use Items in Minecraft

Birt 10 maí 2021
20 Weird But Useful Ways to Use Items in Minecraft! Minecraft has so many different items to choose to use, and while most of their intended uses are helpful, they also have plenty of secret or unintended purposes that can be discovered. There are so many hidden uses for your favorite minecraft items that can be surprisingly OP, or even just silly. Whether that's using dandelions as a food source, using anvils to permanently delete items, or even making two person seater minecarts, it's on this Skip the Tutorial Minecraft list!

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  • Fun fact: chorus fruits were actually added as a counter to levitation that's readily available. As in, they only exist to teleport to the ground. Not sure what skip means by "weird" item usage. Edit: changed "unusual" to "weird"

  • Me:no I don’t think you can craft sus stew Me after try it:BRUH there is no way Everyone else:lol

  • The TNT glitch was known for years by the devs but they keep it in for the builders to have the time to collect and build

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