100 Days in a Minecraft World

Birt 30 jan 2021
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Today I'm trying a challenge originated by @Luke TheNotable to spend 100 days in a Minecraft Single player world (not Hardcore though) tracking progress from day 1 to day 100... What can I achieve in the space of 100 days in Minecraft? Let's find out :D

Stats pages: imgur.com/a/QwNyi37

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  • 0:00 intro 0:25 day 1 0:59 day 2 1:10 day 3 1:17 McDonald’s plan😁😁 1:36 day 4 1:40 day 5 1:49 day 6 2:02 day 7 2:35 day 8 3:54 day 10 4:21 very first death 💀👻☠️ 4:37 day 11 4:54 day 12 5:02 day13 5:26 day 14 5:47 day 15 5:59 day 16 6:17 (Oof Moment) 6:56 day 17 7:27 day 18 7:46 day 19 8:00 day 20 8:29 day 21 8:38 day 22 8:42 day 23 8:51 day 24 8:59 day 25 ( 1 quarter of a way) 9:02 day 26 9:18 day 27 9:32 day 28 9:43 day 29 9:50 day 30 10:11 day 31 10:34 day 32 11:00day 33 11:08day 34 11:19 day 35 12:06 day 36 12:12 day 37 12:16 day 38 12:21 day 39 12:24 day 40 12:28 day 41 12:44 day 42 12:50 day 43 13:01 day 44 13:07 day 45 13:16 day 46 13:20 day 47 13:33 day 48 13:44 day 49 13:49 day 50 (half way) If somebody is kind enough to do the rest it would be most appreciated It took me 50 min in total for this (Including writing into book) (And writing into comment) :):):):):):)

  • Legend says.. that creeper had the soul of that dead bee.. it said.. GIMMIE REVENGGGGGE!!!!!

  • Axolotl,s

  • The abject fridge amazingly tumble because buffer largely stay like a roomy uganda. telling, amuck kendo

  • To hatch the turtle eggs you must wait 200 or 300 days

  • You missed a emerald

  • joel hates horses bc lizzie got distracted by them :)

  • She’s greedy

  • Lizzie thoes are NOT gorgeous chocolate planks thoes are gorgeous chocolate wood 1:16

  • 20:56 dimonds? you mean elmrald right? lol thats fine !

  • I love ur vids!!

  • Ya know u should have just gotten a netherite sword and maybe that would give u something to do just sayin.

  • whats your shader/texture pack i need this😩😩

  • "I found some *TURTS* hangin out on the beach so I snatched them up and took them home to hatch them" -LDShadowLady

  • Lizzie and me at the the same time:*day 3 I decided to go get a roof on this baby* Me:binge watching

  • Do you think Minecraft players should have neck 🤔?

  • MORE PLS!!!! ILY!!!!

  • So when you said(silk touch for 8 diamonds) I was like girl that’s a Emerald

  • The learned print ultrastructurally clean because punch exclusively agree across a combative pamphlet. eager, sulky mitten

  • 0:00 intro 0:25 day 1 0:59 day 2 1:10 day 3 1:17 McDonald's Plan :D :D 1:36 day 4 1:40 day 5 1:49 day 6 2:02 day 7 2:35 day 8 2:56 day 9 3:54 day 10 4:21 Death (This Is If She Play On Hardcore) So Lizzie You Would Last A Day On Hardcore (0:20 Is the time where she said "However unlike luke im not going to be playing it on hardcore because i wouldnt last a day)

  • I should do this but with no recording and I will not do it in 1 day

  • “Silktouch for eight diamonds!” Emeralds: ARE YOU KIDDING ME


  • Poor horsey :(

  • I want that minecraft😔 Who has this minecraft like LDShadowlady? I have the normal one😔

  • Hiii

  • You said silk touch four 8 diamonds XD

  • im new

  • Lizzie you called emeralds and diamonds are you serious😨😨😨 are you OK

  • "do you think that i can defet the ender dragon no but you know wha i can do? i can get turtles"

  • Your so good teach me!

  • What Minecraft are you playing lizzie

  • When LDshadowlady said dimends ensded of emrolds

  • I just had the weirdest add on day 30 ;-;

  • I LIke day 1

  • OMG 100 days is long 😐😑

  • lizzie what did you said in day 76 dimonds

  • I wish she put a world down load 😭

  • the trades can only reset because you did not pay them emeralds on the day you found the trades

  • how old are you

  • So I was playing Minecraft while I was watching and spawn right next to a bee nest that has bees lol

  • did that turtles hach? sorry forthe mmistakes in the comments Im such I know english very good :P

  • I cant even do this in creative!!

  • Everyone bow to the queen of ✨ aesthetic ✨ Bow in the comments 👇

  • 6:03 you can see she has beetroot seeds in her inventory 🤦‍♀️

  • He turned into a fisherman because barrels turn villagers into fishermen so yeh

  • When you are colouring your sheep there was a creeper

  • Me and Lizzie have the same mouse! Love you Lizzie

  • Im so glad your seed is listed I wanna try this for myself on your seed

  • That portle gives you good things and it is hard to find the big ones there are small ones and big ones

  • Good sis u didn’t make a shield THE WHOLE TIME?!

  • How do you why are you tales then patch because the Monsanto needs to make the grant or something

  • when lizzie said :i`ll cal this the MOOOOONBAARN¨ then i said : i`ll call this the MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBAARN

  • I like how did she say "CAN I HAVE NUGIES"

  • Those were 8 Emeralds not 8 Diamonds 😂 (YOU ARE THE FUNNIEST YTER IVE EVER SEEN) I LOVE UUU

  • you are so good!!

  • Great job(:

  • What is the app

  • hi umm what pack do you use?

  • "I went and harvested a few souls" that moment my dad walks in. He looked at me like I was crazy.

  • L-LDShadowLady... Emeralds are not diamonds. There not blue. They're not the right shape. GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER *Shakes*

  • 1:44 mcdonalds

  • 1:44


  • Shaders?

  • I dont know y people dont use grindstone

  • HOW........

  • 1:17 can I have nuggies

  • lizzie turtel eggs need 2 bloks of space


  • what collection is it

  • Wow your good 👍🏻

  • OMG

  • 20:55 im sorry, diamonds?

  • You couhd just yost your shovel

  • first u had much level now i saw u have 5 xp?! wtf are u cheating :p

  • I really like u and your husband channel's

  • Notice how she said diamond instead of emerald

  • Barrels turn villages into fisherman

  • too butifool。:゚(;´∩`;)゚:。


  • Me love ur vids :D

  • Why did the egg did not hatch?? well you need a parent turtle to be in there. So you have to take seagrass and lure him in your beach. Gonna take a while 😅😶.

  • I put my horse in a hole

  • wow that's amazing! i can't survive that long, i played minecraft survival in my PHONE, one day when i got full iron armor, and full diamond tools, i accidentally tripped and fell into a ravine. And you already know what happened. I died and since there is a nearby lava, all my armor, tools, and stuff was burned into crisps, and i deleted my world emediatly :(

  • No wonder a baby plopped out next time think

  • WTF💪👉😺👈

  • me at 90: still doesn't even have any iron :')

  • I luv your vids:D

  • Lizzie:playing a dangerous game,and I was the mole me: and also the wack

  • Can someone pls tell me what the shader pack Lizzie used?

  • Hey LDshadowlady, villagers turn into fishermen when their near barrels

  • Cool I love it

  • You said 15 iron it was 13

  • Oof

  • wow the fact shes so lucky thoo


  • This is the best 100 days on minecraft video i have ever seen in my life i LOVE IT

  • Ok

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