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18:29Gov. Andrew Cuomo addresses allegations, refuses to resign
7:56Violence in Arab-Israeli towns intensifies
Violence in Arab-Israeli towns intensifiesÁhorf 25 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
5:47US finds Russia poisoned Navalny, joins EU in sanctions
6:46Keilar calls out Kayleigh McEnany's Capitol riot claims
4:11Cuba aims to produce its own Covid-19 vaccine
Cuba aims to produce its own Covid-19 vaccineÁhorf 34 þ.21 klukkustund síðan
5:44These Dr. Seuss books won't be published anymore
These Dr. Seuss books won't be published anymoreÁhorf 105 þ.21 klukkustund síðan
7:25White House pulls Tanden nomination
White House pulls Tanden nominationÁhorf 370 þ.21 klukkustund síðan
8:36Republican lawmaker: Trump is a loser and we will move on
9:55NYT: Third woman accuses Andrew Cuomo of unwanted advances
8:03All of Andrew Cuomo's problems, explained
All of Andrew Cuomo's problems, explainedÁhorf 89 þ.21 klukkustund síðan
5:49Former French president sentenced to prison
Former French president sentenced to prisonÁhorf 130 þ.21 klukkustund síðan
6:13Haley flip flops on Trump, praising his 'strong speech'
6:16See what Bill Gates thinks of Biden's stimulus bill
See what Bill Gates thinks of Biden's stimulus billÁhorf 186 þ.21 klukkustund síðan
7:48Man-made famine set to overrun Yemen, United Nations warns
7:39Keilar: CPAC like a Fox News TV family reunion
Keilar: CPAC like a Fox News TV family reunionÁhorf 724 þ.21 klukkustund síðan
10:51US Covid-19 numbers coming down, but not enough
US Covid-19 numbers coming down, but not enoughÁhorf 558 þ.21 klukkustund síðan
7:42Pro-democracy protests in Asia face fierce crackdowns


  • Palestinian Land Free 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸✌✌✌✌✌✌

  • hey

  • 2021 will be the year Israel is recognized as an Apartheid State.

  • Youre a loser cuomo

  • Oh my god

  • Finally justice will be served

  • cuomo like biden a bunch of pervert and dont forget this is to distract ppl of the hundreds of covid dead under hes administration.

  • Well, you’re lucky to get Mr. Biden as a president of the United States of America 🇺🇸. I think with Biden you are now going forward, not backwards when D. Trump was President. R. De Niro said it quite accurate: “This guy shouldn’t have been President. Period.”

  • They war criminals

  • Anti Semitic

  • I adore Brianna Keilar! i have only recently learned about her, she speaks the TRUTH, any are so many on the right calling this fake news, this is PURELY FACTUAL.

  • Where are the feminists, democrats and lgbtqxyz...

  • Oh, he's not going to cry? Dang, man. I was mostly just wondering if he was going to cry or not. He spoiled my suspense right off the bat. Why does this guy spend the whole interview saying things he isn't going to do? Pro tip: when you aren't going to do something, all you gotta do is just not do it. There isn't anything interesting about hearing all of the things you aren't going to do 🥱

  • Yes get that loser. Take him down finally

  • I swear, men think with the wrong head!!! #resign

  • That girls giving dumb blondes a bad name and that's not an easy thing to do

  • Why are ppl in the comments asking America for help? They helped iraq and Afghanistan and look where it got them

  • I love watching this video. Cry your eyes out. lie straight to their faces, but you know they saw you with their own eyes. They remember the EVIL inside you when you threatened to kill them because of their skin. You Made your prison cot (bed) now just try not to get laid in it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • You should do a detailed weekly Texas Covid situation .

  • Would he rather the world congratulated him for the war crimes?

  • Can’t fix stupid

  • Have you ever noticed that anybody driving faster than you is a maniac, and anyone going slower than you is a moron?

  • They are killing BLACK Americans the same WAY.

  • The #1 cause of tooth loss, is vinegar in your diet.

  • Most of them are casted by look definition tho

  • My only comment to this story is, Why did this women waited so long to report this, they should have said something since the beginning.

  • Greetings from Cambodia. Yes, I found this one.

  • This is pure fake woke. I’m so happy my daughters school is not fake walk in there doing Dr. Seuss week. These people are looking for racism, where there is no racism. They just want everything to be racism, sorry once you categorize people by the color of their skin, you’re racist.

  • I’m currently battling with suicidal thoughts and it’s weighing me down, ever since the demise of our parents in 2017 life has been very unbearable for me and my sister, we barely eat these days, most times we go days without food, my sister currently has stomach ulcer as a result of constant starvation, I know a lot of people would rain insults on me for doing this but I can no longer keep quiet and die in silence, I had a petty job that used to help put food on our table but I quit bcs the man I was working for was constantly harassing me sexually. As we speak we’ve barely eaten anything since yesterday, most times I’m being tempted to go into prostitution, bcs it breaks my heart seeing my only sister cry for food and I can’t help, pls nothing is too small to help us get some groceries, to stay alive this difficult period. I’d be forever grateful bcs I genuinely need help [email protected] God blesssss

  • Isis should be killed like dat

  • When we talk to God, we’re praying. When God talks to us, we’re schizophrenic.

  • Trump is the legitimate president but I do not believe anything will happen.

  • Donald Trump best buddy

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  • How dare the red states lift mask mandates to let Americans think for themselves while millions of unvacinated illegal aliens pour in from the southern border.

  • Well today’s March 4th and Biden’s still President.

  • STOP 1:27 CNN idiot investigative report in times of wide world shutdown for traveling

  • Fuck the UN!!!if I ever see a blue helmet in this country we will shoot to kill!!!%

  • Sexual whistle? And she got offended by whistle? 🙄🙄🙄🙄.

  • Everything critical of Israel is “Anti sentiment”

  • Joe Biden is a team player in the one-man army

  • Congrats to everyone who is early and found this comment

  • Oh god !

  • I'd been scared they killin people anymore

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  • Gregg Abbot is a Fucking Moron just like Donald Trump. Abbot only lifted the mask mandate to simply cover the fuck up on power grid situation and for cheap brownie points to get reelected again by the stupidest republican Texans.

  • 72 gender 😆

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  • Hopefully it was the last time he canvassed for Republicans, the very people who support this kind of police behavior.

  • I bet it doesnt show a video of bill gates getting vaccinated !!!!

  • Free Palestine

  • 0:25 This man spoke truth, the reporter did a great job with the propaganda.

  • Lying Ass Biden Opened the Border and letting Infected Illegals with Covid-19 come into the U.S. through Texas sending them to cities across the U.S..Biden is Just as Guilty as Gov. Cuomo for sending infected patients back into nursing homes. Biden/Harris should be Impeached!

  • Why are Texas’s covid numbers consistently lower than California’s or other lockdown states...hmmm??🤔🤔 If lockdowns and masks work, wouldn’t the science support that?

  • Biden will do nothing. Any help he sends to the people will piss off the CCP. Biden needs his chinese payoffs.

  • Canon fodder....

  • This is all Biden’s fault.

    • It’s Bibi’s fault.

    • Good this earth need to cleanse it’s self

  • maybe they should inform the Russian people how much money Putin has stolen from them

  • What a loser!

  • Texas could freeze everyone to death so gotta fall back on the pandemic to do the job.

  • We want prison for murder not a resignation from this predator

  • Lol you guys are too serious theres no racist stuff in those books. Did you ever think the reason your so offended is maybe your the ones that are racist? Ever think about that ?

  • Our history abounds with exploits of Heroes who Brave overwhelming odds and live to tell the Tale But there is a point on which the determination to survive comes at to high a price pay?🤔

  • That was a cute moment xd

  • I wish I was. A god

  • CNN is the worst of the criminals, their nobody's..what a joke....


  • An Afro-Latino involved in a White Supremacy group? This sounds like self-hatred to me. That said, you cannot expect much from these types of people.

  • January 6th, 2021- the date trump committed treason and got away with it. Be proud America, you allowed this to happen.

  • Those people are so stupid.

  • Liar!!!

  • Kayleigh is a nasty lier !!

  • What a great man!!!

  • Baby Trump could govern better than this disaster anti american pos Joe Hidden

  • Make the fucking, people that seems not to get it, work in the ICU for a few days, and see how people are suffering, and then let them say to people's face, yeah its not a big deal.. fuck sake some people should not be having power!!

  • I am glad that Lying Barbie got a suitable new job.

  • who cares what bill gates thinks. stick to computer software.

  • Lol these people are hilarious


  • Thanks CNN, for the 45 minutes missing and judging from the comments, I am not the only one to notice it 🤓🥸🧐😌 Wouldn’t I feel a je-ne-sais-quoi of « cancel culture » CNN has tried to pull off on Trump’s supposedly full speech ? 🧐🤨😒😌