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"60 Minutes," the most successful television broadcast in history. Offering hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of people in the news, the broadcast began in 1968 and is still a hit, over 50 seasons later, regularly making Nielsen's Top 10.

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5:08How Tulsa's Greenwood massacre echoes today
How Tulsa's Greenwood massacre echoes todayÁhorf 39 þ.15 dögum síðan
4:23Iceland's newest volcano provides insight into Mars
0:45Ten feet from a volcano's molten lava
Ten feet from a volcano's molten lavaÁhorf 30 þ.22 dögum síðan
13:48Navy pilots describe encounters with UFOs
Navy pilots describe encounters with UFOsÁhorf 9 m.22 dögum síðan
2:02Baia: The Las Vegas of ancient Rome
Baia: The Las Vegas of ancient RomeÁhorf 34 þ.22 dögum síðan
4:11More images from Mars
More images from MarsÁhorf 70 þ.Mánuði síðan
1:14The start of WWII for two of the Ritchie Boys
0:5760 second with correspondent Bill Whitaker
60 second with correspondent Bill WhitakerÁhorf 3,7 þ.Mánuði síðan
23:50From the 60 Minutes Archive: Inside the Collapse
14:44From the 60 Minutes Archive: Rigged
From the 60 Minutes Archive: RiggedÁhorf 147 þ.Mánuði síðan
0:57Some states incentivizing COVID-19 vaccinations


  • UFOs are in the true sence of the phrase real. Do not go on to say they must be aliens. You just said they are unidentifiable, nothing more nothing less.

  • His expression shown

  • Who killed Jamal kashoogi.

  • So basically a toxic masculine game


  • Funny thing is when the general says where Solimani went violence followed really, solimani was fighting the occupiers and occupiers are you sir. Solimani was a hero for his people, when millions and millions shows up for a dead general not just in Iran but the entire Middle East then he was not a terrorist he was a hero for the people. Just because some nations don’t want to be told how to live and want to be independent it dose not mean they are terrorist they fight against the occupiers testing to till over them.

  • Why don't these bases have a missile defence system to intercept incoming ordinance? It was pretty effective in Israel

  • Sigh... this study apparently ignores the factors I keep reading are the culprits: stress, dental health and environment. Above all, stress. Instead, per usual, they focus on what we've pretty much known since at least the 70's: all things (coffee, wine exercise etc.) done in moderation are good.

  • I say there,The irony of that might escape you.Well Psychiatree dollars to Psychiatricks donuts if you add/everything Adam/Eve got the deed to your Planet and they don't really exist so you can't take the deed back.Awe...Hi I'm Dino & you all look kind of silly...Eden need sub programming and you just let it go..How about you stop print on Quran & Bible..let me teach the Vatican to walk str8.So they'll finally know just where they stand with God.Like you with a friend where you know where you stand with them & its a must have comfort.Dino Sherman(c) I have only used the c for cranial in the ever popular F word my entire life....built-in washer& dryer nice!

  • 60 minutes completely and possibly intentionally misrepresented this story. Where is your retraction? Pls do become part of the fake news.

  • The UK need a man like this

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  • Piggies just arresting who they want.

  • Well done United States of Racism.

  • pentagon : " USA secret and real government"

  • I’ve been watching this for weeks , but I see this telecast resulting in a huge increase in volcano tourists

  • I met guy about 13 years ago "hiding out" in the southwest who was "victimized" by Casso over 30 years ago. I laughed at the stories. The one thing about the "Mafia"is they don't bother kids, women or old people and protect their areas. The street thugs in the inner city are fearful of their neighborhoods,so I have no problem with them. The USA government is the worst with their BS!

  • Brilliant well done Elon👏👏👏👏👏

  • PLENTY OF WHITE KIDS HAVE BEEN KILLED BY BLKS. JUST AS RECENT AS 3 DAYS AGO. 14YR OLD #JUPITERPEARSEN A WHITE GIRL WAS STABBED TO DEATH BY A BLK MAN. IN THE PAST 1 YR THERE HAVE BEEN 8 CASES WHERE GROWN BLK MEN HAVE KILLED WHITE CHILDREN MALE AND FEMALE. IN FEBUARY A 15YR OLD NAMED #MELODYPLATH WAS R88PAED AND MURDERED ON IG LIVE. 10 days ago a 4yr old white kid was abducted and butchered in the same way.www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/05/horror-18-year-old-man-abducts-4-year-old-boy-bed-stabs-death-dumps-body-street/

    • Not sure if everything you're saying is true but if it is, that's certainly sad and devastating. However, unlike Emmett's case and countless other blacks that were killed during Jim Crow and even some today, the murderers in the cases you've mentioned will be punished if known/found.

  • Chappy escaped because the Mexicans did not catch his men. Chaapy's men impersonated guards and bribed public officials to get him out of jail. What happened was Chappy paid his men to impersonate civic workers to build a new sewer tunnel under the prison to Nogales this was all a ruse Chappy used the tunnel to escape. His men tunneled under the barbed wire into his cell and Chappy snuck over to the shower pulled the curtain and down the hole he went onto his Harley. Chappy then sped towards the shack, got out, disposed of his jail uniform, changed into his suit, and got into his land rover and went back to selling drugs. His escape was short lived in 2016 he was caught and extradited to the US for trial where he pled guilty. Chappy is now locked away forever in Supermax he will never escape again.

  • Joe Biden needs to be in this,!!!!!! He has " micro infarts" daily,!!!!!!😂😂🤣

  • Well for one he had a plan...." GREED "..and he found out that even at his age that greed doesn't work...its a double Edged Sword......

  • Why isn't joe Biden in this study,????, well anyways, 6 million dollars later they still don't know, now that's Biden's agenda,...........

  • Oh when 60 minutes was watchable,!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maestro Pavarotti's haters are nothing but incredibly jealous, miserable tone-deaf piles of horse puckey. That's just my opinion. And why's Mike Wallace so obsessed with the Maestro's weight?! That's just rude!!!!

  • 50,000 ppl showed up to the funeral but 50,000 should have driven to that town with guns and bats. The only way to deal with bullies are to whoop them so bad that either they respect you or they no longer have the appetite for violence bcuz they will be dealt a punishment 10 fold

  • She’s very disrespectful to a man that’s the president

  • The war on drugs is a 50-year failure. All the violence is on the drug warriors who are in it for their salaries and pensions.

  • Crazy to think that guy would go on to become Magnus Carlsen

  • She sounds like she is on meds

  • Active killer kits🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • this is a cover-up for what 5G the smart meters and this new technology is doing to people our bodies were not made for this look up health concerns of a smart meter and then look up physicians for safety knowledge and I'd be willing to go on any show to prove that this is real because it happened to me and I have proof!

  • Psychopath.

  • If one lands I bet they are 11 foot Native American Indians.... -Dane Cook

  • These people who know nothing about weapon. Virginia Tech shooting glock 19 9mm and a Walter p 22. 33 dead included the shooter. All with pistols. They can and do more mass shootings in the USA.

  • Malcolm was an evil racist

  • why am I being censored!!! They are lying to us..The conspiracy theorist are the critical thinkers. The reason people are goin bye bye ... Is bcz they're NOT using Ivermectin and other drugs that work. I used Aspirins. Don't believe the hype. Someone get this message to Ralph Lorigo Please. Fauci Knew what he was doing! Stop this EVIL Eugenist. ismem.info/for/v-deo/zaeXrIhn2qfAc5w.html Fauci NEEDS to go to PRISON because he knew what he invested in profiting himself which is shear evil and should be punishable by law. ismem.info/for/v-deo/zaeXrIhn2qfAc5w.html Who is going to pull the trigger and put this evil CROOKS who has cost thousands of lives all over the world. What did you attorneys go to school for, to play patty cake and just divorce people, do bankruptcies, etc? Please I urge you to make a different in the lives of many old and innocent people who died and will continue to die if you do not help, have a heart, dig deep inside yourself and help the evil that's going on for profiting the already wealthy crooks and put these evil crook behind bars. You or I couldn't have made up any cocktail of anything and cost the life of one person and not gone to prison. We would have been answering questions BEHIND BARS if we hurt anyone. #Fauci-for-prison- for-genocide-Now! THEY HAVE DIFFERENT RULES OF LAWS FOR THE WEALTHY... NOT ON MY WATCH SATAN, NOT TODAY!. WE CAN NOT LEAVE OUR CHILDREN TO THIS GENOCIDE FOR PROFIT EVIL DOERS. WAKE UP! IF WE DID WHAT FAUCI DID... We would have lost our job IMMEDIATELY! Biden is doing what he wants...he doesn't think he has to answer any questions. The thinks we are a bunch of idiots and does what he wants, like WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO TO HIM? THINK again Biden, we will impeach you for not putting this EVIL man Fauci behind bars. ismem.info/for/v-deo/0aC2i3pwrdq_nZI.html IMPEACH BIDEN for not protecting the people for OF THE UNITED STATES'...this IS AN ATROCITY and you sheeple SLEEP...President Biden obviously can not protect the American people BECAUSE he can't think properly to see what right in his face...shear and blatant Genocide for profit!!!!! They are going to start a war just to hide how deep the money trail goes in this genocide for profit and either they put Fauci BEHIND BARS or we start the impeachment process. That's the only way to get the attention of the commander and chief that is suppose to protect us. If they want to go to war, let them have and old fashion Duo...the leaders of both Nations battle it out themselves until they can hash out the issue. Stop putting the lives of our children in the line of fire to mask your evil schemes for profiting yourselves. They are trying to shut our mouths by censoring us at every level, Watch these videos below. If you can see this, start your own post to wake people up. This is serious y'all!!! Make a difference for the young people of the future. Follow the real News. Stop watching regular News on TV. Peacefully Protest, boycott the regular News, start mass posting. You are being programed by the fake News! Find and Watch the internet TV that is not lying to you. You must fight back by posting wherever you can. Recall ALL city and State official, impeach BIDEN if he doesn't FIRE FAUCI AND PUT HIM IN PRISON. ismem.info/for/v-deo/kpaarH6l0cm5nZI.html WE ARE ASKING ATTORNEY RALPH LORIGO and ATTORNEY ANTHONY BELLOTTI TO PUT THEIR EFFORTS TOGETHER AND PUT THESE EVIL CRIMINAL BEHIND BARS OR ANY CRIMINAL ATTORNEY TO PULL THE TRIGGER TO HELP US SUE FOR GENOCIDE FOR PROFIT. WHY ARE YOU ALL SLEEPING. IMPEACH PRESIDENT BIDEN FIR NOT PROTECTING US FOR THIS, THIS IS HUGE AND YIU ALL SLEEP! WE HAVE LOST OUR LOVED ONES, OUR JOB, OUR HOMES, OUR DIGNITY, OUR FREEDOMS TO LIVE WITHOUT HARM, OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH, WHAT ARE WE ALL WAITING FOR!!!? Peggy Hall- The healthy American is trying to help us out. They are trying to censor us and shut us all up. ismem.info/for/v-deo/yICcl5ijnNK_l3o.html Here's one Video of This good man, Attorney Ralph Lorigo fighting for you and me. Do your part in anyway you can. Just post please, God bless you all. ismem.info/for/v-deo/1GnYo22LvbCWo34.html DONT FORGET TO VOTE OUT GAVIN NEWSOM IN CALIFORNIA, the vote is coming soon. WE WORKED HARD AND GOT THE SIGNATURES WE NEEDED, NOW PLEASE REPOST THIS IMPORTANT MESSAGE AND DO YOUR PART TO HELP US. WE ALL LOST JOBS, HOMES, AND WORST YET PEOPLE WE LOVED DUE TO THIS CREATED VIRUS WHICH MADE MANY MILLIONAIRES, FIGHT BACK PLEASE AND POST FOR JUSTICE. They are letting people due due to not giving them ivermectin. People's blood coagulate therefore they can't breathe and ventilators are not helping them but harming them. This video is the proof: Dr Pierre Kory put his license on the line for us all. Please help, they are censoring my post. Who is going to pull the trigger and put FAUCI in prison and let him answer questions from behind bars. ismem.info/for/v-deo/lGu8jG2LybXPln4.html

  • These people are so groomed and sly and full of deep dark secrets of the Hollywood deep state illuminati players and yes Prince is one to they all are. The planet and these people are not what you all think they are. It is a satanic cult full of human trafficking and human sacrifice and more. Lot's of these actors singers are clones and doubles and they use CGI. Time to wake up the Great Awaking is upon us the world will be woke very very soon.

  • Towards the end..."They took my job away...Its been hard". I HOPE IT GETS HARDER...WHY AREN'T YOU IN JAIL WAITING TRAIL LIKE EVERYONE ELSE ACCUSED! Can't tell me our judicial system isn't racist and bias!!!!

  • I'd rather be conned than blown up. .

  • shoot one down. sort it out.

    • Lol! Yeah shoot it but remember to run fast after! 😂

  • Some real racism there. Why ain’t he in prison?

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  • All of these scumbags are secret NAZIS.

  • Carolyn Bryant is the face of evil!

  • Fraud!!!

  • Mk ultra, weapons of God by cia. Dr. Robert duncan interview with jessie ventura on you tube.

  • *In 1964, Malcolm X said,* "Democrats failed to deliver on a promised and much anticipated new civil rights bill, knowing the party could still count on their blind support in the next election". And he went on to say, "You put them first, and they put you last 'cause you're a chump. A political chump! ..." And blacks today continue to vote for Democrat politicians in spite of Democrats 150 years of cruel racism. It's sad, really.

  • These are charlatans. I can do the calendar thing too, it’s a trick you morons.

  • I believe her. I believe the sons.

  • "Intuition" is right on.

  • The US has done a phenomenal job now we can see 7 months later.

  • "if it causes a movement in the stock" nowadays the dude tweets abt bitcoin and tesla stock suddenly jumps super high up again when nothing else public is happening with the company (events, launches, announcements, initiaves, etc.)




  • Wtf. They waited until 2004 to prosecute the people involved in the Emmett till case? I swear that is the text book definition of white privilege!


  • Is that your otter chewing on me or my ex fianc’e

  • The last shot of the video was beautiful

  • how could this happen? Obama was so good at building up our Military . LMFAO.

  • ******(EVERYBODY)******! Please look at this video about the HISTORY of UFO / UAPS that the UNITED STATES Government, has been HIDING! This will show how REAL and SERIOUS, this 60 Minutes news story about UAPS or Ufos by the United States, REALLY is! m.ismem.info/for/v-deo/rnzFpoeLk6OrlaA.html

  • ******(EVERYBODY)******! Please look at this video about the HISTORY of UFO / UAPS that the UNITED STATES Government, has been HIDING! This will show how REAL and SERIOUS, this 60 Minutes news story about UAPS or Ufos by the United States, REALLY is! m.ismem.info/for/v-deo/rnzFpoeLk6OrlaA.html

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  • So what u american think after you killed Iran's general !!!???

  • Idiots and liers ,so aliens are afraid of earthlyns

  • And yet we the public get to pay for their health and welfare in prison.

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