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0:51Pep Guardiola compares Gabriel Jesus to a watermelon
Pep Guardiola compares Gabriel Jesus to a watermelonÁhorf 57 þ.22 klukkustundum síðan
1:18Roy Keane after his first game as a Premier League manager
0:28Juan Mata's MOTM award given to Jesse Lingard by mistake
0:51Jimmy Bullard on his Phil Brown celebration
2:08Jamie Carragher after his final Merseyside derby
0:26Sacary Bagna
Sacary BagnaÁhorf 34 þ.7 dögum síðan


  • Wow 0 dislikes

  • Magician🐐

  • Zola > Abramovich

    • What does that supposed to mean ? 🙄😂

  • Don’t think this will happen again talk about amateur hour 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • We just don’t get players like this anymore 😓 What a down to earth guy.

  • Baller

  • My first ever Chelsea shirt I got as a kid had Zola 25 on the back.

  • signed at 30, left at 37. One day later Abramovich offered him £3m to return, then offered Cagliari £1.3m to rip up the contract, then phoned Massimo Cellino (then president) to offer £1m personally to call off the deal. That is how much he meant. Pure class

  • Player!

  • Legend

  • Met him once out in London, a true gentleman!

  • This guy was underestimated because of his abundant skills which at times made him look like he was not into the game ,rather eager to give people the entertainment. But no doubt he was one hell of a player.

  • I felt sad that most of our great players couldn't win the title later. They left before or after the takeover. Like Zola and De Goey left before the takeover. Desailly, Grønkjær and Hasslebaink left after the first season under Abramovic.

    • @xFloody 😂😂😂, A decent player I would say. But he had injury problems but was good player on the wings. I think he deserved some trophies.

    • Gronkjaer scored the all important goal but was far from a great player. His final ball and decision making was baffling at times and his crossing so bad that he scored a cross vs Monaco

  • First game I remember going to was Zola's testimonial

  • The stand icon when chelsea started to become big six team, no more midtable team

    • No actually we were a top 6 team when Gullit came and started to manage us.

  • Absolute don

  • Footballing legend, and perhaps more importantly, a very nice and humble person.

  • His last season turned out be his most prolific season at Chelsea with 16 Goals 💙.

  • Gallas’s arse groove is still in that part of the pitch

  • But the man who changed history was Jesper Grønkjær. Scored that "Billion pound Goal".

  • Absolute legend of the game ⚽️

  • Was a shame he never got a league title at chelsea

  • What a legend of chelsea


  • he sounds so cute

  • chelsea legend will always stay in our heart and brain

  • Even in his last match, He send Carragher to hospital with his dribbling ✨. Magical player 💙🇮🇹

  • Helped in getting Abramovich to buy the Club, legend!

    • Abramovich the genocidal zionist, hooray

    • Should have guessed really before I commented guess the oligarchs have not reached New Delhi yet

  • wish I had the chance to watch him live 😔

  • First great vid again

  • most underrated premier league player of all time, what a baller 💖

    • @Richard Kent yes Eiður Guðjohnsen, Brilliant forward.

    • I dont think he was ever underrated and I dont think anyone said that about him great player and a great manager at the time the most underrated player in premiership history was in the same team though Gudjhonsen not sure how you spell it but he was amazing

    • Nobody underrated him, he always got credit so stfu

    • He was like the hazard of the 90s-2000s

  • Chelsea legend

  • Everyone stay safe

  • Big Shams best signing.

  • damn, they got some stacked clips

  • punk CR7

  • why is zlatan being boring.

  • Sounds like Chris Eubank Sr

  • Wish players were like this these days on interviews

  • He was a player

  • what an absolute flop saurez turned out to be but andy carroll what a signing absolute master stroke from kenny

  • Love his accent

  • Hard to believe that they were speaking the same language.

  • Pep Guardiola compares watermelon to Gabriel Jesus

  • Extreme humility and confidence melded together.

  • Most entertaining player the prem has seen. Pure class!

  • Video has aged so well....

  • Wenger should of sat down too

  • A definitive picture of the decline of Arsenal's mentality, distilled into a 2 minute video!

  • Is he the best player of the premier league era who hasn't played for one of the top six?

  • Zlatan Knows himself how overrated this English league is

  • i would have loved to see prime zlatan in manchester vs prime drogba competing for the top goalscorer

  • Keane won this game in the tunnel. His message to his team mates was "Don't worry about this lot lads, I'm sorting them out, you lot just go out and win us the match"

  • This game still hurts.

  • Gallas is a baby

  • Such a shame the players since have let him down. 😏

  • Two world class footballers. Look at the toothless players we have now!

  • His name is the only reason Alex iwobi is a footballer lol

  • I am telling my grandkids this was Drogba

  • What a baller . Love the man

  • He is the 2nd best entertainer we've seen in the history of football! Ronaldinho is the first!!

  • Sky sports trolling again just because he called the spurs team average😂

  • Are players allowed to play against their loan teams?

  • Busted!!

  • Top top man.

  • As a family friendly of jay jay for the past 15 years, I always wanted to ask him why he never moved to a great team. But seeing how he lives now I understand. He needed that money. Respect uncle jay

  • As a family friendly of jay jay for the past 15 years, I always wanted to ask him why he never moved to a great team. But seeing how he lives now I understand. He needed that money. Respect uncle jay

  • Lualua Portsmouth legend

  • Celtic need a new manager, send Roy and Micah Richards up !!

  • Stole him from classic psg in my master league season and he ended up scoring the winner in the champions league final over city! Happy days... God I miss this guy he was a pleasure to watch

  • The Goat

  • Yeah he said he wanted to stay at forest and then man u came along and he was gone 🤣

  • I’m here to see Keane’s comments

  • He said watermelon. Get him.

  • Blimey, ty sponsorship, takes me back. Remember buying Linvoy in the local toyshop. Think they did Toddy too.

    • Primus was excellent for you for a spell. Him and Campbell were rock sold

  • What are you trying to get heated conversation this time?

  • probably sounds better in spanish

  • "They'll improve"...well Thierry I have some bad news for you 🤥

  • Can you imagine the scenes on aftv ah man if only

  • Nice humble guy. Sadly, the Premiership is full of premadonnas nowadays