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18:54Old People Got Weird Products - JonTron
Old People Got Weird Products - JonTronÁhorf 4,4 m.8 dögum síðan
20:10Steven Seagal: Certified Tough Guy - JonTron
Steven Seagal: Certified Tough Guy - JonTronÁhorf 8 m.9 mánuðum síðan
19:45Boating Made (TOO) Easy! - JonTron
Boating Made (TOO) Easy! - JonTronÁhorf 6 m.10 mánuðum síðan
25:51Jimmy Tells All (Kid Nation Exclusive) - JonTron
25:23Kid Nation - JonTron
Kid Nation - JonTronÁhorf 11 m.11 mánuðum síðan
30:07Gwyneth Paltrow's: The Goop Lab - JonTron
14:30Surviving Edged Weapons - JonTron
Surviving Edged Weapons - JonTronÁhorf 11 m.Ári síðan
10:27Virtual Reality Mukbang (Sort Of) - JonTron
10:36The REAL Story of the Pilgrims - JonTron
15:23Racing a NASCAR Driver - JonTron
Racing a NASCAR Driver - JonTronÁhorf 2,8 m.Ári síðan
JACQUES EXPOSED? - JonTronÁhorf 2,5 m.Ári síðan
18:03REAL GHOSTS - JonTron
REAL GHOSTS - JonTronÁhorf 10 m.Ári síðan
17:29Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop - JonTron
Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop - JonTronÁhorf 13 m.Ári síðan
14:46Architecture Tier List - JonTron
Architecture Tier List - JonTronÁhorf 5 m.Ári síðan
THE HEAD TO HEAD GAME JAM - JonTronÁhorf 2,9 m.Ári síðan
13:35Regis Philbin's Epic Workout - JonTron
BUYING DUMB THINGS ONLINE - JonTronÁhorf 14 m.Ári síðan
JONNY NEW ENGLISH - JonTronÁhorf 6 m.2 árum síðan
17:35Dr Ho: License to Practice - JonTron
Dr Ho: License to Practice - JonTronÁhorf 11 m.2 árum síðan
21:54Workplace Safety - JonTron
Workplace Safety - JonTronÁhorf 22 m.2 árum síðan
21:59Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Skull Vodka - JonTron
10:30Soulja Boy Makes A Video Game Console - JonTron
5:20:21JonTron Charity Auction Livestream (12-12-2018)
21:17Flex Tape II: The Flexening - JonTron
Flex Tape II: The Flexening - JonTronÁhorf 25 m.2 árum síðan
20:28VR Troopers - JonTron
VR Troopers - JonTronÁhorf 12 m.3 árum síðan
13:55Weird Workout Videos - JonTron
Weird Workout Videos - JonTronÁhorf 15 m.3 árum síðan
TURDUCKEN CHEF - JonTronÁhorf 7 m.3 árum síðan


  • 11:10 This shit still haunts me.

  • Please tell me that John edited the birds in

  • 12:34 lol this didn’t age well.

  • Then eventually Rare made Sea of Thieves

  • I've been missing out on golden girls cause Estelle is funny as hell

  • HE WAS A FUCKING COP IN FUCKING JEFFERSON PARISH LOUISIANA?? i literally could’ve been pulled over by god himself

  • I honestly think it's a great show............. If you hate kids, which I do.

  • 14:56 Here in Australia the sun couses cancer

  • The cthulhu stuff was actually quite accurate with all the right spells

  • To quote Kevin Murphy every chance he gets, "I'm gonna sink this bitch!"

  • angel just discovgered tv controls, snipers rifles and kidproof vests

  • I've just read The Waste Lands by Stephen King. When you meet somebody enthusiastic over riddles the oppositie direction ;-)

  • 8:50 A Skaven!

  • Wait..lmao did Jon just say the nword

  • This was a masterpiece. Thank you.

  • 6:25 Amogus Im sorry.

  • Return of the king

  • Wikipedia has it all wrong. Estelle Getty didn't die of Lewy bodies. She dined on Louis' body. Makes all the sense now.

  • JonTron dude PLEASE upload more often your funny bro god knows we need more laughter these days

  • can you be my hiatory teacher

  • If this raises no red deserve what's coming

  • I thought after 11 months there was gonna be FLEX TAPE 3!!

  • But- What about the big chair!

  • 6:12 kids when they see you eating something

  • Why using a different name? Titanic is the name of a ship, it's not protected by copyright...

  • He has a *LOT* of soul! Damn!

  • This sadly used to be my favourite game

  • Nintendo game garage:

  • Alright I live in Paris and that Notre-Dame bit got me dying of laughter holy damn

  • 9:01 I'm crying especially with that version of Bring Me To Life by Evanescence

  • 5:27 LMAO

  • But does he still want to go home

  • The king is back, Hail to the king.

  • JonTron has the highest rewatchability and this is amazing

  • I like how the cat on the cover of the movie isn't the same cat that's in the movie itself.

  • Hitlers favourite disney movie was snow white. Karens could use that to boycott disney

  • Looks like dark souls

  • JonTron will forever be the funniest dude in existence 😭

  • Imagined watching this for the first time while on acid

  • Coming in mr brave young man?

  • 0:13 lipstick

  • So they sent the kids there alone with no one to help them but they still chose their leaders for them? Why? Its hardly a town council when no one is elected. Was the town council all kids of the producers or something? Micheal would have needed only two minutes to get elected as mayor by the rest of the kids.

  • This video is still legendary 3 years later

  • so uhh yea this came out in 2017

  • All I can think is my grandmother shouting "call my son" to a robot and it calls my uncle in Arizona rather than my dad who lives down the road from her. Like you can see one porch from the other.

  • 4:58 Levias is that you?

  • What do they have against C's Lewis and Tolkien?

  • I'm absolutely convinced that steven seagal is actually just trump in disguise

  • I mean our D&D club is the biggest and most active club on campus. Didn't mean we were cool, we weren't, but we had a good time.

  • @6:11... True

  • I think the 22 million views are all from me

  • To this day the pants haunt me.

  • did... did you add the cartoon sounds part in or was that actually part of the video? i am really confused

  • 15:32 That kinda looks like Trunks, doesn't it?

  • Who’s here after the economy has collapsed and people are resorting to cannibalism to survive? Smash that like

  • If hadn’t been for Steven Segal we would have never gotten Bin Laden. Steven trained those navy seals on how to kill Bin Laden. I wish there was a Steven Segal action figure, cause I’d collect everyone and give them to my kids.

  • 4.3 million are chodes.

  • Ima shit in your old holiest socks Jon.

  • loving this fresh wave of new youtubers. this tron dude has some great production values...

  • 3:52 you jus killed new Hampshire dude

  • Like how ya use the facial hair to hide your multiple chins, your just as bad as segal or however it's spelled🙄

  • I think that "raven" is a magpie.

  • This was even better the second time I watched it

  • how does one get a cat and a parrot to live together, or did i miss something

  • I'm so glad Owen Wilson's dad can finally teach my grandma Cane-Foo

  • Jon said fuck it I’m gonna blow out my vocal cords reaching the edge of my range

  • In my head all I can hear is Maxmoefoe screaming “this is shit” at every bootleg game lol

  • 9:00 is there a full video of this edit? I was laughing my ass off 😂

  • “He can shoot a gnat off a fly’s ass” Is that a real phrase or was that guy just having a stroke?

  • Hey Jon eat a bunch of different carrots and root vegetables an review em.

  • At least she made the connection that if you don't breathe you can't do shit.

  • He put out 1 new video in 2021 and now I'm binging the old ones

  • I bet more people watched this video than the show will ever get

  • *Jon thinking of internet companies that don’t have two O’s* Amazon Apple MicrOsOft

  • I see you with that smt4 music throughout the whole video Jonathon!!

  • 7:32 ....the silence at this part let you know the glory days of JonTron were finished

  • 9:13 I don't know if this is disturbing or comfortable

  • 7:53 lol

  • 1:10 a very russian name

  • is this worse than the emoji movie?