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Tune-in to the 93rd #Oscars on Sunday, April 25 at 8PM EDT / 5PM PDT

The official channel of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is the only place to relive favorite Oscar® moments and see exclusive interviews with the talented film professionals who comprise the Academy membership. #Oscars


1:15Thank You For Watching Movies
Thank You For Watching MoviesÁhorf 30 þ.8 dögum síðan
3:0193rd Oscars In Memoriam
93rd Oscars In MemoriamÁhorf 76 þ.8 dögum síðan
1:3393rd Oscars Nominee Reactions
93rd Oscars Nominee ReactionsÁhorf 77 þ.8 dögum síðan
0:31Stories Very Much Like Yours | 93rd Oscars Promo
2:18Short Takes - 93rd Oscars Edition: WolfWalkers
2:14Short Takes - 93rd Oscars Edition: Onward
Short Takes - 93rd Oscars Edition: OnwardÁhorf 3,6 þ.15 dögum síðan
2:39Short Takes - 93rd Oscars Edition: Soul
Short Takes - 93rd Oscars Edition: SoulÁhorf 3,7 þ.15 dögum síðan
2:17Short Takes - 93rd Oscars Edition: Over the Moon
0:32Diane Warren | Why I Watch The Oscars
Diane Warren | Why I Watch The OscarsÁhorf 4,8 þ.15 dögum síðan
2:20The Oscars Podcast with Elvis Mitchell | Trailer


  • I love Kate, she's amazing.

  • the only thing better than winning an oscar is having your oscar presented to you by Rock Hudson.

  • Awesome speech, great actor.

  • I'm not sure David Lynch isn't one of the best people on the planet.

  • Mary is a great actress and Is beautiful I simp UnU xd

  • This was a popularity contest. Grey won because he's a nice guy with lots of friends in town. His performance wasn't even remotely as complex or challenging as those of any of his four competitors.

  • Where is the Melody? I only Hear him singing in his language But I don't hear No Melody.

  • These telecasts were so poorly directed back then. What's with the seemingly random cutaways to people like Burt Reynolds who aren't even paying attention?

  • Rome is always high

  • I love Ellen

  • 2:34 😬😬😬😬😬😬

  • I can't help but point out that Ned Beatty played the villain in Rango, and it won Best Animated Feature in 2012, and he also played the villain in Toy Story 3, and that won Best Animated Feature the previous year. Basically, casting Ned Beatty as the bad guy in an animated film seemed like a lucky charm.



  • Toy Story 3 100% deserved to win, and I do also think that in any other year, How to Train Your Dragon would have won.

  • I cant believe the academy chose this movie, AND didn’t even NOMINATE the dark knight or even nominate CHRISTOPHER NOLAN FOR HIS MASTERPIECE. I HATE SLUMDOG MILIONAIRE

  • Am i the only one or should leonardo dicaprio get an oscar for wolf of wall street

  • Pat should have won


  • Never thought I'd see this 4 times😂😂😂😂

  • Alan arkin was hot back in the day .. man I wish I was beautiful enough to date him and of course have a time machine..

  • Eastwood only hosted because Charlton Heston was late and got caught in traffic. I like Taradash's introduction "a *real* professional". Unlike that other guy... Eastwood was so embarrassed by this that he didn't return until nominated for "Unforgiven".

  • when she said departed, i thought of John Cazale

  • what about the Oscars for Kate. Jane Fonda??

  • Mmm, Shirley Jones.

  • What’s the song at the beginning of the video when the presenters walk onto the stage?

  • Every body loved Charlie Chaplin from the kids to the old people. He was such an amazing comedian and a sensitive person. May his soul rest in peace.

  • Pure class!!!!

  • I legitimately think that not only is Wes Anderson one of the greatest directors working today, but Moonrise Kingdom is a perfect movie in every way. That being said, I still think Tarantino deserved the award.

  • Wish Will Ferrell could have swooped in for a cameo but a lovely live rendition. Makes me want to visit Húsavík too so I'll put that on the list of things to do when we can travel!. WTF academy. Why did you cut this off at two minutes!

  • People jump and cry if they get oscars and here is rahman sir.. Man the guy is so calm and compose

  • She didn't deserved it they give to her after crying a lot...

  • whoa they didn't waste time talking a lot, it was give and move on hehe..

  • The best is Vic.🏆

  • How do you save the Oscars? Bring back Billy. <mic drop>

  • 11:40 imagine that moment in this 2021 environment lol. I miss ANTI PC

  • De jongs wife in red

  • My god she is a cutie pie

  • Those capitalist financiers wouldn't have been impressed that Reds flopped at the box office.

  • wowww... Batman, Hulk & Hawkeye compete each other...

  • Picaretagem no Oscar...o pior ganhou!

  • this is a perfect example of how out of touch producers and "image makers" ruin everything. This is so perfectly real. Names are read. Name is called. Winner appears from the audience...up a few rows and not planted in the front. He graciously accepts from a podium. Some how the big wigs determined that the audience wanted an event that is more produced and scripted.

  • Why do actors think there the best of humanity

  • Only the one who deserves met ຶ ‿ ຶ

  • She is so normal 🌹

  • That man has talent, class, and humility. His contributions are irreplaceable. That entire audience was rightfully in awe of his ability as an actor. We are so fortunate he chose to share his talent with us.

  • Anyone else seeing Biden here in 2021 during the climate change part?

  • Boy he was so young

  • O fim de um meme

  • Far fuckin out, man.

  • Before the woke idiots destroyed it.

  • No dialogues but still have an emotion but couldn't understand the end can anyone tell 🤔

  • She is a one of the greatest actor ever💜

  • I Saw this movie 8th of May 2021 finish around 11:17 pm I am very impressed..👍

  • 👌🏻🙏🏻❤️🔥

  • And to think some people will skip a movie because of subtitles. There is such power, culture, history and beauty in every single language!

  • Ellam pugalum iraivanukke💕✨🙏🙏🙏✨⚡

  • Things changed a lot more between the 60's and 80's then say, between the 00's and early 2020's. It must have been such a culture shock for these people to sit through stuff like that Snow White intro just about 24 years later.

  • what an inconvenience to have to see ellen degenerate's face

  • I don't understand why he was Supporting Actor.... who was the lead?

  • Yo Arnold is right behind him and behind Arnold is that one girl from the good place

  • He resembles John Wick

  • Somebody knows name song on min 5:05-5:45?,heath ledger you're still missed,Best Joker ever made!


  • Does anyone by chance know a name of the song that plays when they go up the stage?

  • Omg

  • All was perfect until they shoehorned in Mike Obama.

  • Y’all this was 7 years ago what the balls

  • good actors great movies not so much these days

  • Guy Ritchie, should have been nominated for snatch.

  • Snatch should have been nominated.

  • "I am Wolveriiiiiiiiiiine" ❤️

  • Hmm, Brad Pitt wasn’t nominated for snatch.

  • This is the first Oscar and 7464621329732 nomination for Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Seriously, one of the worst Oscar wins ever. Seriously anyone could have won this one and I wouldn't have complained. They seriously awarded the weakest performance of the bunch. Either Edward Norton should have won, over Jim Carrey should have been nominated and won this one.

  • Note how fun this is; note the ratings back then


  • I still can’t believe Elijah is only 13 years old here. 13 and he’s announcing awards at the oscars! But yes, Jurassic Park truly deserves that award. Still looks excellent today

  • Colin 🔥😍💪🏻