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3:59NASA releases audio of Mars helicopter in flight
NASA releases audio of Mars helicopter in flightÁhorf 11 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
9:31Rep. Garamendi: No Democrat will challenge Newsom
Rep. Garamendi: No Democrat will challenge NewsomÁhorf 17 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
5:31Stephen Miller: Joe Biden is violating the constitution
6:21White House admits to sheltering Biden from press
White House admits to sheltering Biden from pressÁhorf 166 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
5:26Chinese rocket headed straight toward earth
Chinese rocket headed straight toward earthÁhorf 549 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
5:01Caitlyn Jenner blasts California's 'sky-high' taxes
10:15Tucker: Americans are being paid to stay at home
Tucker: Americans are being paid to stay at homeÁhorf 250 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
6:41'The Five' react to Biden's jobs 'disaster'
'The Five' react to Biden's jobs 'disaster'Áhorf 142 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
3:50Nearly one-third of troops opting out of COVID vaccine
41:00DHS Secretary Mayorkas visits US-Mexico border
DHS Secretary Mayorkas visits US-Mexico borderÁhorf 16 þ.Degi Síðan síðan


  • Why, why why is Juan still on this panel???

  • AOC had her climate change warriors hack the system, they are terrorists.

  • Ask Eisenhower, JFK , and the Bush family, it’s simple really

  • F working take free money. SHUT DOWN THE GOVT.

  • Lol. Employment program for the unemployable.

  • How can they not be afraid of a guy who at the united nations meeting was talking to imaginary indians ? the guy is most of the time on another planet planet biden I imagine ! .

  • Tucker you’re the best. Great stuff. 🇨🇦🇺🇸

  • Ok - I like this guy. Still need to see more, but I hope he can withstand the BS &do what needs to be done.

  • Exchange that worthless currency for Bitcoin

  • If this rocket does hit New York it will be the second time in just over a year that communists destroyed the city. Jack ~'()'~ Canada manly!

  • I like candance blazer She is waking up the nation go girl

  • Nuke?

  • Yes, It can get worse just give it a little while.

  • Not only you pay them slave wages now you want them to go back to work to get COVID-19 and die while you are working from home; this is if you do work at all.

  • These so called teachers should not go back to work. The replacements who educate children and not indoctrinate children should go to work teaching children.

  • Kamala understanding nothing today😎

  • n are concentrated on SaTans Care of his funds 💚🐍🐉💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸 n on DETH 💀💀💀of theys citzens🇺🇸

  • Yes, especially when you own a business in the construction trades. Some of us pay good wages and still can't find good employees.

  • How can any DemoKKKrat in good conscience, without hypocrisy, support the pro life position, when the very platform itself is about taking vast liberties with everything sacred, at the forced expense of others, from slavery, to jim crow, to abortion along with the eugenics movement, and now this push for socialism?!

  • Personally don't believe they ever killed Bin Laden! I think this man is lying or has been brainwashed to believe he killed him but Bin laden wasn't killed! CIA operative Bin laden died of kidney disease!

  • How can we let the Chinese keep doing this to us and the world? They must be held responsible.

  • If we as a people actually survive until she has grandchildren will they look at her wedding pictures and wonder what was up with the mask? Or will they still be wearing masks? Or will everyone be living in hermitically sealed rooms?

  • Vote this idiot out already what a stupid person she is

  • The world is china's garbage dump

  • What " thy " did to california. Look at it now!

  • No one wants to work in restaurants and in factories.

  • Well they need better leadership, they voted those guys in - now come on we learned there are consequence to actions as children. Let them learn.

  • The armed middle class is the backbone of America. That is why the communists are attacking us so hard. Once we are defeated the country is theirs.

  • Of course.

  • democrats

  • New Zealand the city?

  • The worst part is that the school she works at will not fire her. They probably thought she was a hero. I will bet everything I own that she will still have her job.

  • Didn’t they just release a virus a little while ago?

  • If only she were capable of shame.

  • Why do you need the public? Work with your state. Get the national guard, come in weapons hot if they don’t disperse.


  • The lie that unemployment benefits discourage people from looking for work is brought up by Republicans every time there is discussion of expanding welfare benefits. There have been dozens of expert independent studies since the 1970's that this is a lie. People do not stop looking for work because of unemployment benefits. It's been proven. But Republicans hate any form of welfare except for the rich. They dole out $billions a year to the fossil fuel industry, pharmaceutical industry, military industry, private healthcare, etc. yet cry socialism when government tries help people who need help. Republicans are a disgrace and the enemy of average Americans.

  • How come a lot of you don’t have profile pics? 🤨🧐 Just curious.

  • The teacher berating the boy about police officers has the mannerisms and voice of AOC!

  • No kidding !!,, it’s the Military Industrial complex !!! Kick backs and most importantly money !!! Money 💰

  • They pay them to vote for them, staying home is part of that process and then we will need more workers which means bringing people from other countries. Eventually, we let the people from other countries brought here to work the right to vote so they will vote for democrats. Let smart, isn't it?


  • African Island Ivory Coast?

  • I HATE JUAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Moderate thinkin'. Count me in.

  • Love Ben Carson!!! Brilliant man

  • I'm all for he sucks... However, I don't think that can even describe how ridiculous it is for Americans to believe this demented old man is even capable of running a bath.... Let alone a country. We are living Obama 2.0. This Country will crumble in the next 6mos if this Biden Crime Administration isn't taken down...

  • think i tried to be like Bruce Jenner, the guy on the box of Wheaties. He was the man!

  • Biden is busy being a President and running a country. I don't care if you think he's doing a good job or not. Left bashing for thumbs up has nothing to do with this. But for 4 years (only 4, he lost house and senate and the presidency) America was an absolute nightmare because of that man that would lie every single day to every single American. Trump lied to his you, he is still lying to you. Move on with your lives. Peace and love.

  • Democrats are trash

  • What kind of shitty leader is this woman?

  • Does Harris ever do anything except say completely stupid things?

  • It will never return! I don't think there is a sound!

  • Biden is a Bum

  • If a person is making more money on unemployment than they are working then maybe they should raise the minimum wage. This scenario should tell these idiots something.

  • The economy is not growing, its bloating

  • Wow Rob shrunk he looks like an old Asian man ( he’s half ) .

  • Awww him didn't get his Mc Donald's cry me a river plumper last thing you need is Mc Donald's! Lmao

  • While elon showed the world how to land in a x on a plank in the ocean

  • I’m one of the people with the beer in Miami who’s like thank god I don’t live in New York

  • If this isnt undeniable proof that he is just a puppet, than you are blind as a bat!!!

  • Plot twist: The guys are threatening her to say all this!

  • A container ship.

  • 2A shall not be infringed!!

  • There still testing be ready. ☠

  • 300+300 is 600 a week. BY THE WAY, that’s 15 an hour with a 40-hour work week. If you want people to go back to work then wages have to go up.

  • Its NOT GUNS....its lack of justice and police being defunded....dems are screaming let the thugs out they are oppressed....NO WE THE PPL deserve better leadership and deserve for our border and our states to be protected from burning n looting streets n gang violence!!!!!

  • Fake news haha . No cover up or conspiracy .. good reporting Fox News. Ha ha what a joke

  • kind of difficult to go the other way.

  • why is he showing his face now pretty sure they are still watching

  • Oh, Ron...don't forget the LUBE! ;-)

  • Ya mean take a purple belt to a gun fight. OMG Adams seems a little like Trump.

  • If Caitlyn doesn't have a natural immunity to the woke left and critical race theory, then no one does. Wow.

  • Construction Jobs .. WTH is he talking about there’s no materials.. and Construction Jobs don’t cut chicken or pork

  • I truly like what I hear from this great young man being interviewed!


  • I LOVE JUAN!!!! Finally. Finally finally someone said the truth on fake news

  • Cait has to work on that voice. If you're changing over, investing in new genitals and all that -- got to feminize that voice too.

  • FB is too busy censoring conservatives to care.

  • n are not in any respectable MinD to LeaD us unto conscience.. n whats good unto GoDs❤