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1:18Women in space! Here are the first female trailblazers
8:53SpaceX Starship SN10 soars, lands for first time!
SpaceX Starship SN10 soars, lands for first time!Áhorf 1,9 m.Degi Síðan síðan
1:54SpaceX Crew-2 astronauts are 'excited to fly'
SpaceX Crew-2 astronauts are 'excited to fly'Áhorf 4,1 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
2:31Why did SpaceX's mid-February landing attempt fail?
1:15Bright fireball streaks over UK night sky
Bright fireball streaks over UK night skyÁhorf 14 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
27:38Space Chat! Perseverance and Making Oxygen on Mars!


  • Looking forward to a new era

  • This is at least the most dumbest shit I seen on my recommended

  • NASA, who?

  • Lies lies lies

  • Well done, cheers!!

  • Imagine landing on Mars and thinking you're safe......

  • There has got to be better ways to use the restroom in space. Contract SpaxeX to do it and I guarantee they'll have one within six months. It'll probably even have touch screen controls and mood lighting.

  • Fake they have no intention of bringing man into space.Or saving the human race, just the slave Race.

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  • Why black &white Nasa is hiding the truth?

  • My father help recover Sam on the USS Borie. Thank you

  • Looks cgi. Also why is the camera shaking when its like a mile away?

  • This is as fake as the name Elon Musk!

  • The vision is becoming true, the future is looking more beautiful, congrats Elon.

  • I thought it was a cake hat

  • I need a live demonstration because I really can't think of how it would look like

  • Elon musk is a dickhead FACT

  • Still don't understand why land it like this. Sounds like a lot of work for something that can go wrong quite easily. Also, not even planes land with their tanks full because of the risks. Can't they find a way to make it glide? Maybe expand the top in umbrella shape when coming down to help deaccelerate ...

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  • Do you think nasa and tesla preflight their new spacecraft in kerbals?

  • Why it looks fake?, the fire even!, like special effects in a movie!. Are they taking us for idiots?!!

  • Fascinating to see. Yay us. But the end result one day will be a private corporation making billions mining the planet. Public money for private profits. Imagine how much human suffering could vanish if the funding for these explorations were directed to saving "this" planet and it's life.

  • And then it blows because it's a dumb design, a dumb idea, and a dumb realisation ...

  • OMG ! Flawless

  • Heard shortly after in launch control ... *"OK maybe we aren't rocket scientists."*

  • That CGI looks so real

  • "Yes folks SpaceX's first trip around the moon is about to land and the passengers will be exiting the vehicle shortl...Oh, never mind." We will try this again with a new rocket and another group of eager astronauts, stay tuned!"

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  • CGI? How in the world did they film this the ascent and descent so closely. What could have followed this rocket that precisely?

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  • well we are going to mars early boyss

  • How many rocket explosions we had before putting a man on the moon. Germany had the same fate before landing one on London.Perseverance put us in space,now our leading edge is in peril Why the mockery,be proud of our achievements🗽🗽🚀🚀

  • It looks so fake it's got to be real, right.

  • They can just say they were testing the self destruct button. Mission Accomplished.

  • Idk how or why I got here but here I am ....

  • "Tears don't fall" that's right, "They crash around me!!!"

  • 2 Words "Elon Musk" is a Genius

  • People at Nasa ... soo...we're still getting this government money right?

  • It was the Decepticons.

  • Thanks for sharing.

  • Yes, but how does it *work*

  • I need to see it live, because just watching it is like unreal. Unbelievable

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  • Where's the minions?

  • That landing looked fake as fuck.

  • I actually started crying

  • Oh well..but it was a cool landing!

  • How smart are the folks are that designed this rocket, and programmed its software? Hats off to the Team.

  • LOL,.. Good luck catching up! (Caugh.. copycat.. cough..).

  • Did yall see that alien?? Wow thats crazy

  • A rocket cannot propel itself in the vacuum of space. This is a psyop.

  • It works!

  • why was this reposted four days ago when it happened back in march

  • this is great opportunity to troll ppl:D

  • welcome to mars...oppps!

  • For a moment the slo-mo video looked a bit like the airship Hindenburg going up in flames.

  • That's the govt. They don't want commercial spacecraft bc then everyday pple will be able to see and record ufo's. Successful landing means all systems were shut down to the engines. The govt. Probably used one of our satellites for shooting down cruise missiles by laser to ruin the ship and slow the process.

  • literal chills when it said "space is now open for business" and it showed the 10 companies launching into space

  • If Neutron is already this big, just imagine when they get to Plutonium.

  • :O

  • Is it on fire...

  • China says, "Can you do that again but a little bit slower and more cameras so we can get a closer look"? 😂

  • Kerbal space program for me in a nutshell

  • Nice fake video.

  • Soo cool :o

  • Seeing everything floating is so weird

  • You gotta be ready when the shit hits the fan.

  • Space=slowmotion😂💕

  • Mommy, Mommy, there’s a giant pnis in the sky!

  • It is like vaccines, that is how they began their development and then were improved, today vaccines have been created in less than a year thanks to mistakes, ridicule, insults, suffering, imprisonment, murders, deaths, burns, and criticism of the pioneers . All of this is part of human behavior. Think about it.

  • Awesome...

  • 2 of rocket engiens seem to fail in the last second before touching down

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  • Elon Musk is an idiot. ACME Rockets... who buys this crap? ..

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  • No live demonstration 🧐