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5:49Gary Neville slams 'spineless' owners of breakaway clubs!
9:59Jose Mourinho's BEST quotes as Tottenham manager 💬


  • Pogba can’t switch from an attacking mindset to defensive when they lose possession. He can’t track back and can’t tackle. He’s not good enough.

  • It’s a joke how good foden is 🔥

  • Sons face still hurting from Mctominays slap

  • wow, is that spurs only fan?

  • Had they been asked Leicester would have signed up no problem

  • Just like Sky trampled all over football in 1992.

  • Defence is what he knows, go on Gary lad

  • Sterling can't even get into the squad anymore

  • Plays for a SUPER scummy club.

  • shows how much I’ve lost interest in football since the pandemic.

  • Hang on your on sky sports? Change game times all the time. Poeple in the world book flights to watch the arsenal. Only staying for three days. Then just you change it to a Monday night. No respect for fans .

  • Learnt some new words here I think Neville did to.. I’m under no illusion that he has a dictionary next to him.

  • It's kinda sad bale can use spurs as posh gym get paid silly money half ass when he wants and he will score and get cheered every so often cause he plays for spurs .. but he doesn't really does he .. plays for himself and money. With everything that's happened in football I wouldn't want players like these near my club anymore. Its a disgrace he even gets on the pitch let's call it for what it is

  • Just so happy the Super League is not going to be super!!🙂👍

  • Stopping by to check if Woodward will still leave or if the resignation is rescinded...


  • If the clubs meant so much to the people.... Why the hell did they sell them the first place?

  • Love some commentators comments! In this game he mentions"remember,the line belongs to the penalty area"!! LMAO

  • Football has been greedy for many years, all these pundits and sky sports are bothered about is there jobs and lucrative football contracts after the super league is created. Greed in the game has been here for years that's why I dont watch football anymore.

  • It’s awful press can just follow people around like this. 😩😩

  • sky loving it they would of lost so much money if it went ahead

  • John Stone and Matty Cash see a red card in the Premier League

  • The title gave me weird Steptoe and Son vibes with Gareth as the dad.

  • This dude was about to cry

  • This reporter is brilliant.

  • Does anyone know his value?

  • Too easy to only listen the points about fairness of the game etc... The most important point of what Guardiola said is that "everyone looks for himself" uefa, fifa, the clubs, they all look their own interest ..... so making this "war" now, good vs bad is stupid and ignorant . From a moral point of view we all bad , we all contributed to a football that is all about money. no one excluded

  • but was it obvious? and was it yeah?

  • Tottenham Hotspur Interim Manager Ryan Mason wins his first game after Tottenham Hotspur beat Southampton FC by 2 Goals to 1

  • Andrea pirlo is the calmest person on and off the pitch never in rush evra said it best 🙌🙌

  • To be honest, the clubs shouldn't be punished at all. The owners of the clubs need to be punished, and anybody who helped steer that ship into the European Super League direction. The owners fucked everyone over, not the players, managers, but the owners. Should be barred from ever having anything to do with our game.

  • Jesus Christ, it’s football. Get a life.

  • 3:26 "He's parked his weasels". Love it. Must be a Lancashire expression?

  • I bet there's a hit on him by now for saying all this.

  • Mourinho is shockingly bad in a managerial role

  • I feel like Mourinho should go to the Championship. I think he could do amazing things like Bielsa has done.

  • The future of English football looking bright 🤩

  • Jose has made a fortune out o being sacked they think this sacking will be a £16m at least not bad being sacked

  • It's done now. Let's move on.

  • Love you Jose Morinho 💕... You are truly a Lagend.

  • I don't understand why the fans, the media, FA's, Uefa, Fifa and Gary Neville are so against the ESL, all clubs want more money, without money you can't pay your staff, can't improve the infrastructure of the club, can't buy good players, the ESL never said they want to break away from their respective FA's, the FA's are the ones that said the teams involved in the ESL should be banned from their leagues, the fight against the ESL just destroyed football and I'm afraid it's going to take an decade for football to improve, good luck watching a team sitting back with 11 players including the goal keeper to defend, good luck watching a team playing for a draw instead of playing to win, there's no competitiveness anymore, now it's all about staying in the league and you will receive 150m pounds, wake up fans.

  • Why is it acceptable to harass a person outside their house?

  • Top man. No fuss no bother get on with it.

  • Hats off


  • So, after the premier league and the other big leagues have vacuum cleaned almost every small league in the world for talent, guaranteed themselves a 4 team participation in the champions league no matter the achievements of the previous season, and Bayer Munich has turned winning the Bundesliga into a yearly ritual, the millionaires that have been part of creating the system become heroes for being against greed. This is the most hypocritical protest I've ever have witnessed.

  • Mourinho is only good these days for the first season or so. After that it always goes south he needs to take a sabbatical or something because toxicity always creeps in. It's not normal.

  • The interviewer is good

  • The joy in tuchel's eyes. Loved it

  • Do a new version with a match that can happen next week with europe

  • This guy is so humble

  • Another episode of refusing to praise Pogba

  • It will be a premier super League maybe not ESL.

  • Props to Gaz.. from an Aussie man utd fan.. a proper well spoken Pom! Feed them mate feed those grubs

  • Yellow roses roses of forgiveness and jacket that is the name of the last owners name

  • Go on, son.

  • The elites just tested opinions, we all fell for it now they will just repackage the superleague and it will re surface in 5 years time.

  • Now you want 51% stake former players and fans ! Put an end to the greedy bastard s .don't stop now game changer push this true for EVERY club in England then we will celebrate! Good job bye the way😃😃😃😃😃😉😉😉🍻🍻🍻

  • "FEED YOUR KIDS!" - Mourinho

  • Sky will benefit from this!!

  • Relegate them and promote another six

  • Refs in England have actually stopped hand ball they live in weird warped universe at times it’s so strange . I saw Trent Alex Ander Arnold Hand ball and this tonight where the arm is raised out and it’s nothing but hand ball now the refs decide what is hand ball no when it actually is

  • So true.. All clubs must be 51% owned by the fans!

  • That challenge from cash is mint 🤣

  • Great thumbnail LOL. Textbook SKY.

  • I like how they done a no room for racism. And I'm happy Derek chauvin is guilty.

  • Foden man city MVP this season