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1:24:41Kroenke Do The Right Thing, LEAVE NOW!!
Kroenke Do The Right Thing, LEAVE NOW!!Áhorf 239 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
1:01:26BREAKING NEWS: Chelsea To Withdraw From The ESL | Who's Next?
28:11Is The European Super League Built On Greed? (AFTV)
Is The European Super League Built On Greed? (AFTV)Áhorf 161 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
3:48DT And Pippa Clash Over Nketiah! | Arsenal 1-1 Fulham
11:14Arsenal 1-1 Fulham | Did Eddie Make DT Eat His Words? (DT)
2:35:14Arsenal vs Fulham | Watch Along Live
Arsenal vs Fulham | Watch Along LiveÁhorf 395 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
32:19Arsenal vs Fulham | Starting XI Live
Arsenal vs Fulham | Starting XI LiveÁhorf 66 þ.Degi Síðan síðan


  • Sad that the Arsenal football is gone out of the team and the chat is overtaken by this content. Passion is gone!

  • Once fans are allowed back in stadium don't go .... thats the best way to protest continue to watch at home stay away from inside the ground...

  • Turkish is the most negative donny I have ever seen in my life, he complains more than anyone I have ever seen

  • my vocabulary has vastly increased after observing this piece of media

  • former SPEAKER OF PARLIAMENT, his use of adjectives, nouns show that

  • Dt is right man smashed it

  • On point!

  • If arsenal go in the super cup i wont be watching them again full Stop sell out agaune in

  • No way, i just found out! RIP Claude! Not even an Arsenal fan, but i love all of you guys!

  • Arrogance!! That's good, coming from him 👏👏👏😂😂😂

  • Been kroenke out since before wenger left, he has ruined this club.

  • Well said boys. Rivalries aside, we gotta get these guys OUT

  • As an international fan, I always felt that football is what it is because of the love the fans who come to games show week in and week out. This applies to every team in Europe, this sort of behavior from the owners completely disregards the very reason why people love this game. If there is a protest and action being taken. I hope that fans who are in the UK go to the protests and make it a moment to remember, and let us hope there is change coming in ownership and transparency from clubs and from governing bodies like FIFA and UEFA.

  • Robbie, we've won the battle but we ain't won the war. We need to keep the pressure on while on the front foot. They'll keep trying until they win. Also when this is over think about the other 3 leagues in English football, or the premier league is almost as bad as the super league. Lets all give the lower league clubs financial help.

  • Can't see how Pippa is in the title.


  • What a Fockin interview I swear to god bercow is a real g😂

  • Victoria concordia crescit - in this instance it doesn’t matter if it’s with Man u, Liverpool, city fans etc, our motto applies 💪✊

  • Look where David Moyes is sitting. 5th on the table. 55 points. Lol

  • The ESL is a perfect example of American corporatism exentending its tentacles into Europe. Its only driven by greed and the never quenching desire for profit over everything. Loyalty, tradition, history means nothing to this ideology, and certainly grassroots supporters dont matter a damn. You're not even "supporters" to them, you're consumers. It's not only going on in football but all of society. It's only that football fans are passionate about their clubs and wont roll over and allow their clubs to be stolen from under their feet

  • Arsenal didn't even have to win promotion when they first entered the old first division in 1919. The league was expanded from 20 to 22 clubs and, as was the norm for expansions, the previous season's relegated teams (Chelsea and Tottenham in 14/15 due to the break for WW1) were to be readmitted, and the 2nd division top two promoted (Derby and Preston) Arsenal however had only finished 5th in the second division in 14/15 but were promoted at the expense of Tottenham due to the same sort of dodgy backroom deal that Sir Henry Norris* succeeded in pulling off that Stan Kroenke failed to with the ESL. They were admitted to the old first division for the same reasons they would have been admitted to the ESL: history over merit. The hypocrisy is staggering to the point of slap-stick. (* this was the same guy who was found guilty by the FA of financial irregularities, misusing his expenses account and pocketing the proceeds of the Arsenal team bus. As Arsene Wenger would say: Plus ca change) I'm telling you this as an Arsenal fan of > 50 years. Learn your history trigger happy Gooners.

    • Completely irrelevant. You're going back over 100 years to make a point. There's plenty of things one could point to that were done over 100 years ago, doesnt make it ok to do the same thing today. You say "learn your history", I say stop living in the early 20th century pops, its 2021.

  • You failed to mention that by the end of the season we would have lost £200m. Now let’s protest about UEFA. Or have we forgotten Baku!

  • never play scrabble with john Bercow

  • Trust me Kronke can’t even name 3 Arsenal players

  • We all need a Bercow & DT show called “Ordaaah and All Gunz Blazing 🤣

  • The Super League concept is great but needs competitive tweeking. A £350,000,000 transfer budget woutl have been great!

  • Surprised because most "famous" people talk crap about football. This man knows his stuff

  • R.I.P Claude Callegari

  • Loving this Super League announcement and collapse under fan pressure.. with everything going on in the world, finally an issue EVERY fan is 100% agreed on. Refreshing af.

  • saying Kroenke out you sound like an ant in the jungle

  • 15:50 all of Newcastle’s last 10 Monday nights have been away days apart from maybe one

  • I thought this was Dom Jolly

  • They so right .its time for change !! This game is for the people.we need to be heard we will be heard. Arsenal need massive change but football as a whole is falling apart let's not bend or fold in this moment

  • 18:55 Robbie the owner of tottenham is english go do your research 😂😂😂😂

  • I'm all for the Bercow addressing the boys before next weeks match... (and at half time, if there is an issue) Orrrrderrrrr!!!!

  • Clearly an awful idea, and I am glad it is now gone. But I wonder if the problem facing these mega-big club owners, was one of risk. Imagine if this league had got started, and Arsenal had been asked to join - and refused entry. That would not have been in the long term interests of the club. So the risks of not being in it, may have forced them all to get involved. No excuses - I think that Kronke should go; but I can see how the risks of missing out might has made fools of the owners on this occasion.

  • Would be nice if the players and staff join the protests. 1 big booming unified Arsenal voice screaming KROENKE OUT!!! Geez I hate that guy!!!

  • Great interview!


  • All these year's later and TY was right, look at the mess Arsenal are in now without Wenger.

  • It’s time to go

  • When I grow up I wanna be like Bercow 😅

  • This man's English lord! So on point, I had to get a dictionary. Hugger mugger like yoh what's that😅😅

  • After the camera rolls out. Bercoe to Don Robbie " did I earn a regular spot at aftv?"

  • This was one of the best interviews on AFTV

  • When he said if kronke doesn't understand that.... " it's time to go. But he said" he should do."

  • Even in the Wenger days it was Kroenke. It's always been him.

  • "Owner of arsenal arrogant, insensitivity and contempt"... Yep. True words

  • 🚨 DONT LET THIS DISTRACT YOU FROM THE FACT THAT: Nasser bin Ghanim Al-Khelaifi is the chairman of beIN Media Group chairman of Qatar Sports Investments,president of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Qatar Tennis Federation (QTF), and vice president of the Asian Tennis Federation for West Asia (ATF). Al-Khelaifi is the president and chief executive officer of Paris Saint-Germain in France. He is also a member of the organizing committee for the FIFA Club World Cup.(Qatar 2022) Has been appointed as Chairman European club Association. AND THE NEW REFORM OF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE AND THE NEW REFORM OF PREMIER LEAGUE IS BACKED BY UEFA/FIFA DON'T STOP THE MOVEMENT LETS TAKE OUR FOOTBALL BACK! #51% GET IT TRENDING!

  • It's disgusting the way Aubameyang was treated by our own fans. The man was making some valid points and English is NOT his first language. So maybe it wasn't as eloquent as it could have been. To then see our own fans piling on him because he hasn't been at his best this season was disgraceful. It's probably not just Arsenal fans and maybe I see it more with Arsenal because I'm an Arsenal fans. But Arsenal can be disgustingly selfish at times, sigh

  • Fav duo this season 👊🏾👊🏾

  • DT speaks so much truth on the pain and expense it is to be a fan now. It really hurts

  • Fair play DT! Raised a lol with the “yer dad should’ve pulled out”! Spat Club Rock Shandy all over me keyboard. Kudos.

  • Areta out also, Arsenal needs its luster back.

  • Shut up Dt you whopper

  • Manchester United fans will stand with you, all fan channels have said they will work together and this is a long time coming. We stand and force these jackasses out of our clubs

  • What was the reason England got banned from something agesback?

  • Would’ve been good to have a super league play off every 4 years or something

  • Please have a "It's Time To Go" banner. RIP Claude. Gooner for Life!

  • Asking Arsenal to join a European Super League is like asking Banana Man to join The Avengers.

  • Dub so big we started our own league

  • Robbie: “Don’t be surprised if it’s the top 8 that qualifies to the CL from now on, not top 4.” DT: “we still wouldn’t be in it...” 😂😂😂

  • what an impassioned and intelligent speech

  • Best DT ever!

  • Big up Robbie & DT


  • he's lucky the don didnt uppercut him


  • Legend, rest in power

  • Joe Lewis is British, based in the Caymans. He's not American.

  • If people could be as United against this "pandemic" it would be over after one month.

  • Vinai needs to go!

  • it was sacrosanct blud.

  • DT was hilarious whilst being on point.

  • A tap in against 18th placed Fulham to get a 1-1 draw at home... how can you hype this man up?? Shown several times, that he's not good enough for a club like arsenal

  • Stan Kroenke has no respect for the history and the standing of Arsenal football club, he came into this team at the time Arsenal was right at the top and we went the opposite direction straight from there. He must get the hell out of our team. From Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • My dad is a wolves fan and their tops are £35 and they always have sales on. Wolves are a club that love their fans. During the pandemic wolves have opened their arms and arsenal have crossed them

  • You know you can get sky sports fot 20 euro a half year. Just buy a illegal dream box lol

  • If was not a penalty i can the match win

  • You guys go hard and protest on Friday. Sending full support from Johannesburg, South Africa. 🇿🇦🔴⚪️