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0:31Playful Bear Cubs 'Chill' Around Snow Pile
Playful Bear Cubs 'Chill' Around Snow PileÁhorf 933Degi Síðan síðan


  • Im gonna faint

  • How do teeth get like that?

  • I used to catch this size by myself and remove them for people. This one is the opposite of aggressive! He's damn polite actually? ❤️

  • It's good juju, just let it do its thing.

  • If he had let go he would've said hello to a passenger on a plane.


  • Cash can trash my place anyday (not like I have anything valuable anyway)

  • Darkseid : I will kill mankind

  • cue the string quartet at the end of Titanic

  • Did they ever make it out of there?

  • I think you mean an orthodontist, they're the ones who specialize in braces.

  • Have you ever thought of getting out of the road you think of it when you don't have a truck driver bringing you anything to eat or wipe your butt with

  • The aim on this one! 😳😂😂🥴

  • Wow...mind blowing. ..he's got balls of steel...

  • nah he’s funny

  • Dinosaur!

  • It would be nice to see updates on her progress !

  • “Look for the bare necessities” “The simple bare necessities”

  • He should pay a visit to the Faroe islands

  • Disrespecting a truck driver should be a federal felony charge!!

  • They emptied the prisons, people isolated, due to COVID. a lot of unhealthy minds out In the world. Easily manipulated by narratives. Stay safe people. Protect those that need protecting.

  • Yo remember Reginald denny Hit gas go they're not anyone innocent they'll put you in the hospital vroom vroom

  • This is why so many people have been moving to Florida.

  • Me AF

  • Only black ppl😂😂😂😂😂😂 If we ain't extra it's not us

  • Lol why tho

  • He made Mexico Proud 🇲🇽

  • Owner: Foxy, where is Kitty? 🦊 : er.... Foxy clearing throat, stroking a big tummy.... Kitty is safe, very safe.

  • Drunk Travelocity gnome.

  • That was a little kid with a hoodie i thought lol

  • I can’t help but to wonder why he did it that way. Could have just cut it at the bottom of the trunk, and use some ropes to control where the tree will fall.

  • She's so pretty

  • Can someone name this Karen?

  • How did he get up there

  • its ok guys hes part west african

  • Jai mahishmati 😝😄

  • 100,000% there was a better way to cut that tree down

  • Damn, he's got moves !!!

  • Polich

  • Nope

  • This guy has bad intentions.

  • A lot of good men are going to have to step up and do some horrifically evil things to fix this nation.

  • What a crazy ass country the usa has become, evil is taking over.

  • He either has total brass balls or is an idiot or maybe both.

  • Legend Has It That Aint No Bag Dangling Either, Thats Him Letting His Nuts Hang .. I I I

  • Not gonna lie Stonehenge mouth is pretty as hell!

  • He is great! Man, I love people who are sure of themselves and spirited!

  • That girl is fucking gorgeous 😍❤

  • 0:22 Blatant racism ughh. I mean come on guys, we have to do better as a country so that this type of ignorance is not showcased nor tolerated. #blackbearlivesmatter

  • He should have ran all those idiots over

  • The next generations terry crews.

  • God sent an angel for protection.

  • My brother die this year 29 years old because of cancer this hits close to me 😔

  • why is the mom crying, braces are cheap

  • Bath salts

  • Guys please don't make interesting comments on vertical videos TwT. Its hard to read and watch the video at the same time!

  • Hell yes, run them over that is a street not a sidewalk

  • Looks more to me like begging. I think someone fed the gator and now it wants to keep getting a hand out.

  • We need more people like him in this world.

  • He valid

  • I'm not offended praise the man

  • Mind ya business... bears get stressed and need to to decompress, too! 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  • Since he can't be on top of the pyramid, he might as well try and get as much attention as possible.

  • That floor needed mopping anyways. 🙄

  • Why are people destroying our Country, as we speak.? Why should the average white person feel a paralyzing guilt because the mainstream media ..cnn..msnbc..etc.....tells them too.? Why is there so much cowardice among military leaders...Sheriffs..etc Who just go along with the nation-destroying program of the left...? Why are soooo many people so incredibly stupid and refuse to see what is happening....?

  • 😍 fun

  • Haha they are so funny their shields aren’t even curved

  • This is probably why I’ll never get on a cruise ship titanic boys literally

  • Omg so cute!

  • Lo peor es que escucho la motosierra encendida. Mintras se pendula como una loquita. Jajajajaj no sé si loco o crack.

  • mine are the same way :(

  • Lol smart cat 😺 🥰


  • So basically this is how before doraemon lost his ear

  • The way she tellls her stories yea shes from texas

  • not The Meg playing while the boat is tipping...

  • I'm getting nervous just by watching.

  • steel balls

  • NAGA crowd trash