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27:02Asian Americans: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
24:24Hair: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
22:24Plastics: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
25:55Raids: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
21:25Asylum: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Asylum: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)Áhorf 4,7 m.7 mánuðum síðan
20:37Juries: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


  • I know I'm remembering wrong, but I remember this show not being about racism, I can't watch the same shit every time dude

  • I've watched those TV-Shows a long time, but it's good to know how much of it is BS.

  • Please stop lumping Name IT and Claim it crazy CHARISMATICS in with Evangelical Christians.

  • The most American looking british person ive ever seen

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  • Do you still feel so smug about Dana White and the UFC Fight island after it's huge success, John?

  • Imagine an ignorant who support a terrorist religion without reading the quran ot hadith then talk about who is not open to argument🖕

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  • 13:48 here for this

  • They can't even name a single Asian american and you people call yourself number one. 😂

  • John Oliver setting up history of a time when cereal companies made a big push for mass vaccinations that eventually ended the pandemic. He'll be that little trivia tidbit behind it.

  • did you plan to make some segment vaguely against some of the Biden/Harris policies ..?just asking....otherwise i have to think that you are no more than another puppet of the rotten mainstream media.....and i'm not a Trump supporter...but i'm not blind..and i don't see so much differences from the two parties...but i see a totally different mood in the media and in your program too....

  • Did John call himself a white supremacist like 3 times in this? I'm sry he has such quit and delusions, total fool. Meanwhile in Asia lets just say China or Japan for ease, they are extremely racist, they have border line slave maids, no equity...

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  • He talks about getting eaten by a pelican, but I didn't know pelicans eat other birds.

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  • If you're interested in learning more about American-Asian relations, check out the lecture "How to hide an empire" which is available for free on ISmem.

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  • Camp Amache the Japanese internment camp in the US is in Colorado. It is going to soon be a national park so that, it can continue to be escavated, business can't buy it and demo it, everyone can visit it.

  • I really thought I couldn't hate Drumpf any more after everything. This video explains a lot of what happend around the US police the past years.

  • 5600 psychics disliked this video. 🤣

  • No chips. It's true. Been waiting for my 5g upgrade so i can text just by thinking about it. I'm very disappointed.

  • My wife is the asian American I know the best. #Filipinos

  • It will NEVER cease to weird me out to see lawyers ads on American TV. I don't think any other country allows professionals(lawyers, auditors, etc) and MEDICAL COMPANIES to advertise

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  • Soon you will be accused of appropriation when you perform well in school

  • OK... You DO realize that saying that white Americans generalize Asian people is actually generalizing white Americans, right?

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  • guns kinda suck

  • 🛡️🇺🇸 2A

  • The bias of white people are there because of what is taught about America First

  • Whats wrong with saying bruce lee? He is most certainly the most famous Asian American. Why would anyone think of Kamala. She is absolutely terrible and nobody should think too much about her.

  • That’s what she learned from what is taught in white society

  • First two incidents are people who've been drinking, and starting a confrontation they aren't prepared for, and legally in the wrong. Morally assholes? Probably. The 3rd is really unfortunate but you can only act in anticipation of violence, or nothing has happened ( ismem.infoHc4_BPakdSI?feature=share ). Then your actions need to be justified first to police, and then potentially the court, and THEN your peers. She couldn't do that. Which sucks, and why you call a lawyer! The 4th is horrible. But it goes to perceived notions of a 70 year old. He never said something to incriminate himself, he's old, and he waited 20+ minutes on the phone with police. So Step 1, police thought he was guilty enough to charge. Step 2, court thought it had enough to proceed with a trial. Step 3, jury found him not-guilty. Fuck this episode (not the show, I still like it). A guy who has 4.4 million views on one episode is gonna talk about the financial burden a working family is going to go through after their house is robbed? Or the fear regular people have when their insurance rates skyrocket, while the value of their homes decrease, and worry of you could be next. That's assuming they catch, and are able to prosecute the criminals. Were these the only 2 unarmed robbers in Texas? Idk. But they were robbing a Texan, so there's probably a few guns in that house, they just hadn't found them yet.

  • Sooo....why are gae

  • He's popular and people believe his fabricated photo oops, because if you don't, you die. They devised a poison gas that is fired from the tip of an umbrella, in order to publicly kill defectors. 2 in the UK, and one with a radioactive isotope that's so dangerous, the police found the assassins by following the very easily tracked trail of radiation starting from the restaurant where he was first exposed, to the hotel they stayed at, and the plane seats they sat in when they flew to Germany. That's something you can only get in Govt controlled labs.

  • OLIVER , why don’t you watch the last finishing scene of this movie by one of the finest Jew actors - Sacha Baron - called The great dictator- he there so beautifully and aptly (according to many of your fellow Americans) has managed to describe the type of democracy that actually exists in USA - the land of the free !

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  • 3:35 What about someone in the street telling me that he will visit me through my window at night? Do I have to wait until he arrives to shoot him or can I shoot him straight away? Usually I go to bed early, and I don‘t want to stay up the whole night waiting if I don‘t need to. Can you please advise. Thanks.

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  • 5:54 "The Muslims Attack At Dawn" _I almost spit out my halal bacon_ 🤣

  • I wonder when that Melinda gates quote was recorder. Like hours before the news broke they were getting divorced?..

  • Wait...where did that come from?...We are discussion g Asian Americans , where did the statement, “Never share at bat with Black person” come from? Why do we get dragged into this, are we supposedly at the other end of the Asian spectrum? What did that mean?

  • I've had the vaccine, I support vaccine. But I hope to fuck it has no long term side effects. So I can't really fault anyone who hasn't had it. Also chances are it won't stop me from getting it but hopefully second time around it won't make me too ill.

  • George😍

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  • I don't get it, so there is 17 salons and non of them do black hair. Surely this isn't racium it's an opportunity to start salon with no competition in the market?.

  • So pence is gay.....sounds right

  • Mr. Oliver...... I appreciate your facts on all your shows. What is a solution that you purpose to any of these problems? Maybe do a show on solutions.

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  • So this is the news story that inspired "I Care A Lot". 😡

  • Hold on there John Kamala definitely said to Joe I was that little black girl you segregated with that law!

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  • blacks are just racist

  • Chonky bois are top tier puppers. Fight me.

  • Did I learn anything new? Yes. Was it about the vaccine? No. Do I wanna now be a Guinea pig? Yes.

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  • Don't blame them for not mentioning the VP, she herself identified as black (even if that's questionable quite a bit :P)

  • Oof, watching this weeks before I'll first use my holiday days, then maternity leave and then parental leave to be gone from work for 11 months while being paid 75-100% of my normal salary :S Couldn't imagine it being any other way. It shouldn't be any other way...

  • Tucker rules

  • I got it John: Jack Daniels flavoured corn flakes.

  • Just rewatching this... Maduro could have done to have taken his own diet.

  • Typical Keynesian economics. The bubble will burst eventually, an no amount of interest rate drops will save it.

  • This hasn't aged well with people like Sarkeesian and Wu talking about that. They should be nowhere near a camera

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  • When will Tucker stop auditioning for 60 Minutes.

  • Thank you John for bring this issue up. very kind of you

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  • I am glad never being perceived as a threat again. And funny how I never intended to be

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  • U.S Government: GIVEE MEE ACCESSSSS!!!! Apple: no China: give me access Apple: no China: you wanna do business?

  • Thank you.