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Delivering you the right food for right now with the eats that define your local food scene. By reinventing the conventional and savoring the classics, we’ll design an experience with you in mind. Find what you're craving and we’ll deliver it right to you!


0:37bring it | Uber Eats
bring it | Uber EatsÁhorf 67821 klukkustund síðan
0:55Restaurant's Marketing-Suite | Uber Eats
Restaurant's Marketing-Suite | Uber EatsÁhorf 54121 klukkustund síðan
0:07最後のひときれ| Uber Eats
最後のひときれ| Uber EatsÁhorf 6947 dögum síðan
0:16最後のひときれ | Uber Eats
最後のひときれ | Uber EatsÁhorf 1,4 m.7 dögum síðan
0:53Eat Local Song | Uber Eats
0:07Wayne’s World - Teaser Song | Uber Eats
Wayne’s World - Teaser Song | Uber EatsÁhorf 33 þ.Mánuði síðan


  • Of all people, you choose Cardi B?

  • Esta noche Uber eats me van a comer los huevos, yo lo siento pero que anuncio MAS INVASIVO, joder tío me tiene hasta los huevos

  • grubhub

  • Que desagradable que Uber contraté a personas tan corruptas como Eugenio Derbez, será que esa imagen de corrupción es la que quieren dar de su empresa?

  • this should be the new grubhub commercial

  • Junk

  • HAHA total time capsule, they are still as funny as ever......Dana Carvey is capable of making me laugh with one word, like "saskatoon".. lmao. You two must make another movie!!

  • Loved it! Thanks for this great nostalgic video!

  • That's a crime against bronzer

  • Great series

  • Star Wars vs Star Trek

  • Mike still got it

  • Bats: Luke Skywalker vs Captain Picard Air Hockey: Mark Hamill vs Patrick Stewart Connect Four: Joker vs Professor X

  • This is way better then the gymnastics one

  • this ad is so bad that im going to do 0:09

  • Please reopen Uber Eats delivery in India.

  • Wayne's World was almost thirty years ago, and Garth himself is now a senior citizen.

  • what was the name of the song playing in the first 2 minutes

  • 0:16 von.lol

  • 0:11 vom.lol

  • 0:18 bed.ind.in

  • Using Cardi B in your ad is the perfect excuse not to use your app.

  • If I hear this ad on Spotify one more time I swear to god-

  • India Is also waiting for halal guyz..specially in Mumbai...👍

  • It's kind of crazy. I've seen Mike Myers and Dana Carvy on plenty of talk shows, interviews, appearances, etc and their current ages, and they still look great, but.... dress them up as Wayne and Garth now, and somehow.... they look like actual monsters. Something about Mike's makeup as Wayne here, I don't know what it is, but he looks like Frankenstein! Maybe a bit too much bronzer?

  • Little, yellow, different.

  • 2:21:21

  • 今晚,我想來點...汕頭火鍋

  • Why does Cardi B seem 5 years old in this. YaH! Eat wocal!

    • Garth looks as if he hasn’t aged at all

  • I miss these two

    • the likes are because waynes world is here

  • Is this a door dash commercial?

  • Great idea but the commision rate is far too steep! It needs to drop to survive

  • Keep me busy baby!💖✌️😁

  • 👍

  • 白玉歐蕾加珍珠

  • C'mon Uber Eats, you know it was supposed to be Aerosmith or Alice Cooper!

  • The funny thing is people are saying the negative criticisms to this are merely "homophobic" when Jonathan Van Ness' overly queeny personality is about as stereotypical as a Hattie McDaniel Mammy characterization.

  • Cringe. Cardi ruins everything. Puppet.

  • 👏

  • Wayne’s world 3 anyone ?

  • LGBT zabija ludzi

  • Okay I swear they just said where I lived on an ad and now Im trying to figure out how tf they did it

  • Me vale verga sus mamadas senen mi verga

  • Yummy

  • Omg thaaaaank you lol those 5 seconds of this song were so 🔥 better than some full songs out there 😂

  • Dislike porque soy bien guapo

  • Mike Myers is back

  • never tried the original halal guys, but the one in indonesia is not that good :(

  • Wayne's world wayne's world

  • they rlly nailed it in this one

  • i would sell my planet to see waynes world 3

  • yEaH eAt LoCaL!

  • Los comentarios de los señores y señoras del internet son demasiado raros JAJAJ

  • Mine Was totally Reactivated through *ARISCODES* ⭕N ÎÑSTÄGRĂM HE'S THE BEST🖤❤

  • Mine Was totally Reactivated through *ARISCODES* ⭕N ÎÑSTÄGRĂM HE'S THE BEST🖤❤

  • Serious question: Would anyone here be concerned or offended if the Halal guys you went to was owned by a white guy?

    • As long as he keeps it Halal, of course it's all good. Also it is not about race, there are millions of white muslims😌

  • who just looked this up cuz they were bored?

  • Always tip your drivers


  • Wayne and Garth going against their own advice about sponsors. "A$s sphincter says what?"

  • Why Cardi B and not Tia Carrere?

  • Ngl I was SO happy to see mike myers. It's been so long since I've seen him in anything. Definitely made me smile ☺️

    • They are both too old to be doing Wayne’s world...lmao

  • The only good uber eats commercial

    • Ok, I'll go support my local Burger King

  • While on my way to the restaurant I got a notification that there was another delivery at a nearby restaurant but I'm not sure how to accept it because when I click on it it closes and goes away but I don't get the order. Please help me. How do I accept the orders?

  • Why choose Cardi B, we 90s kids are still alive, most of us, you'll get your thumbs up form us.

  • Lol when they showed the babies, creeped me out

  • I love Uber Eats! Uber Eats is my number #1 best choice.

  • 1,000 years ago it was burning down crops. 100 years ago it was destroying villages. Today it is turning men into wussies. Multiply dividing conquer.

  • The only watchable thing Cardi B has been in - Ben Shapiro

  • eats-iiayo6s2 That’s a code for $15 off an order of $25 plus, enjoy

  • the likes are because waynes world is here

  • This is hilarious!

  • Que rico es uber eats encargaré una hamburger

  • Manco pvp

  • This is at least way better than the grubhub commercial

  • Wtf would u buy any meat slaughtered via Islamic or Jewish ritual?