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11:19Bryce Hall CHEATED on Addison Rae ( LEAKED TEXTS ) $75,000!
10:15James Charles NEEDS to be put JAIL for this!
James Charles NEEDS to be put JAIL for this!Áhorf 1 m.19 klukkustundum síðan


  • James like that lil kid pack

  • welp drama alert is 90% tik tok news now... rip

  • Why are so many watching and commenting on this video a year later??

  • Why this in my recommended?

  • bryce hall is gae

  • You’re horrible

  • 10:10 your welcome

  • You ruined him.. you ended him.. you did all this.

  • Y do u all believe this bs💀😭

  • James Charles is so cringe. Little kids who watch him are gonna grow up with brain damage.

  • Maybe keem should be be more considerate being intrusive

  • This actually pretty emotional indeed.

  • this aged well

  • 0

  • "Pewdiepie beats Nikocado Avocado in Beauty Contest!" Every time 60 seconds pass in Africa, a minute passes.

  • Doordash only pays 3 dollars a order people are hoping for that tip don’t know why there’s bad drivers they should be trying to be there best

  • Bruh add time stapes

  • kkemstar this shit isn't content this is fucking sad dont treat people who have lives this way

  • You’re ruining everyone’s life. Stop

  • 🪳

  • They could play minecraft tf that's like playing cod and complaining you died

  • You mean Jake Paul 10:40

  • I think you're missing in*, in your title keem 👀

  • Do people not realize that people can name contacts and just pretend

  • I wonder how many life has been ruined by keem and his crew🤔🤔

  • Addison should've seen this coming from a 2021 tik tok f boy

  • Wusssp line star


  • Help cobanermani456

  • Lol the ending. “I’m going to be Viral on TikTok. Charlie D’Amelio you better watch out!” 😂😂

  • Do a video on DAVID DOBRIK. he is a PR3DATOR

  • can you not...

  • He just described haw he like his men 2:50

    • You peaked

  • Trisha doesn’t even know what fries are made out of 😂

  • Killer keemstar doxed SOMONE knowing there a dad has kids... Thanks to him this man got swatted and killed inftont of his own kids... Keemstar is a murderer... And James charles is the bad one? Smh this man will go to hell I can't believe he's not arrested

  • When you say “vehgus” it really pisses me off 💀💀

  • I’ll sell you a story for 5 dollars

  • Look I don’t exactly like drama and I don’t love keems content but I have to give u respect for keeping things private that aren’t public. Also why does he say Vegas like that.

  • I love your vids my favorites was John sawn vs dream and you exposing *the brain less* of the commentary community LMAO

  • Keem says in the same video “I’m not an exposed I’m a reporter” also keem “Allegedly and this is the rumor”