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10:15James Charles NEEDS to be put JAIL for this!
James Charles NEEDS to be put JAIL for this!Áhorf 1,1 m.2 mánuðum síðan
17:33DREAM vs JOHN SWAN - Debate - Interview! #DramaAlert
3:47I Settled a $3.5 Million Dollar Lawsuit for this BOX!


  • Jake should be banned. EVERYONE NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND BOXING! not immature shit.

  • Jake was disrespectful but Floyd says he's a a real fighter and has 30 body guards on one guy?...

  • Tbh Jake paul is the best promoter, you gotta admit hes a genius

  • More like a high school cafeteria fight.

  • What a coincidence he got a black eye from Floyd and canelo knocked BGS eye out of this world not even many days apart

  • Everyone gangster till someone touches Floyd’s hat

  • Nobody wants to see Logan vs Floyd. We want jake vs Floyd. I’m actually a fan of Logan’s podcast and some of his other content. But nobody wants to see this man box. He doo doo 💩 at boxing. At least jake is making a case for himself in the boxing world.

  • Imagine being a fan of Jake Paul lmao embarrassing u should be ashamed of urself, I get being a fan of Logan.... BUT JAKE 🤢

  • Logan paul does not know what hes getting into.

  • Bro that's kinda bullshite tho, like Floyd's bodyguards basically assaulted Jake n took him in the ground

  • Jake is the definition of GenZ tbh

  • 7:53 weakest fighter i have ever seen

  • "buy" the fight lol

  • an embarrassment to boxing tbh

  • Waking up to this was amazing 😂

  • Why is Conor Mcgregor talking? He lost a crushing defeat by Floyd. Conor is the most irrelevant person.

  • I just wanted mayweather to just f*ck jake up with noone there to save him

    • Well blame Floyd for hiring 30 bodyguards to save him from 2 idiots from Ohio

  • 5:40 you can see Jake Paul's teeth and he even got blood in his mouth. He got beat up real this time.

  • bro Mayweather is a pussy for hitting Jake Paul while hes is being held by a gaint

  • NetNobody started this shit so it is his fault, he did a diss track first. And KSI just replied with diss track so idk.

  • I kinda love that Jake is just stirring the pot. I'm all about the Jake Paul troll arc.

  • Jake is so embarrassing

  • If Jake’s banned from the fight then the body guards who started hitting jake should be banned too.

  • Keemstar you should let Jake paul baby sit your daughter since you love him so much. What's the worst that could happen 🤔

  • Floyd could totally best them both on the same night. Nigh. The same match

  • Why do you exaggerate everything it’s so fucking annoying

    • R u mad?? Lmao, like why r u commenting a lot

  • h3h3 is very very weird

  • These Paul brothers are like the Kardashians of boxing . Theatrics and piggybacking off of other people's fame are there path to fame . I'm still trying to figure out what exactly are the Kardashians actual talents besides bedding famous people .

  • I would FUUCKING LOVE if Jake took Conor mcgregors hat or something like this. Conor would knock him TF OUT with a karate kick LMAO

  • Floyd is like a ant compared to the Paul’s

  • How many years is h3h3 going to prison for lmao

  • I love Americans. Such good entertainment

  • 5:56 where is the cut from the broken nose... its all theater. don't believe the hype..

  • Floyd could beat them both up at the same time not just in the same night

  • Ok

  • Araack can sneak jake in the fight

  • gonna keep me in the loo? gee thanks keem

  • Pro definitely won

  • Really childish

  • Am I the only one that hoped that water bottle he threw wasn't plastic 🥺😂😂

  • my respect to jake paul after that has skyrocketed,

  • :>

  • The owner of this channel is one of the stupidest humans that has ever walk the earth

  • If floyd fights both paul brothers in the same night, floyd will lose

  • Keem didn’t you also pirate GameCube games?

  • Bro i actually feel bad for Jake. He was being a dumbass but floyds people hella overreacted and jumping him was like... Bruh is just a hat Kinda funny tho

  • Jake Paul is not promoting or good at it 😂😂 he’s trying to cut his brother out of a major career opportunity. He’s a wanker plays kids games. Mr it’s not about the money is all he talks about. People only wanna see him flogged that’s it.

  • keemstar + Australia = isaac butterfield

  • Your right. Didnt even know their was a fight until I saw this.

  • Jake is so cringe

  • How does a fully grown man who supposedly runs a "news" channel not understand the difference between a criminal trial and copyright lawsuit?

  • Okay if this is real Jake Paul and Logan Paul needs to apologize before they get their ass beat I really hope this is fake because taking that man's hat is a sign of disrespect

  • Logan really calling out the fact that Floyd has bodyguards as if he doesn't know there's immature people like his brother 😂

  • It's ironic how a dumb person named Jake Paul is promoting a dumb match

  • gg

  • 7:53-8:06

  • You know someone's dumb when he gets demolished , cries and then says "GOT YOUR HAT HEHEHE"

  • im ded ahhahaah best yt from u so far

  • Jake is becoming my most favourite youtube villain ever. He is like the joker

    • don't disrespect joker like that

  • Honestly repsect on Logan for being the older brother looking over, but Jake..... you just pathetic lmao

  • Can I get your hat

  • Ayee, more real beef for me to watch. Let's hope Keemstar keeps us updated on the H3 Lawsuit

  • Total Garbage

  • These fake beefs before fights are super annoying imo

  • If I don't see floyd mayweather vs greg paul I'm gonna lose it

  • Only man i know that can take on 2 fights in one night is khabib

  • The one person in charlis stream: BABY

  • Keemstar is like Kubrick editing all of these camera angles in

  • Shut up ur annoying mate he said he is willing he didn’t say he wanted to

  • Taking peoples hat is basically like spitting in their face is mad disrespectful I’ll be mad to

  • Misogyny Alert Nation Let’s get riiiight into the lies! 1. “He beats on his wife or something” -Coming from a known known DV Abuser 2. “Her show was awful I’m not surprised it got cancelled” -Coming from the man who speaks positively about the kids who film dead bodies and rape women

  • Hahahah pauls got shit on finally

  • He mad annoying too. Idk why MrBeast put him in his group

  • Ugh boxing 🥊 is a respectable sport man it’s hard to get into and you gotta win a lot of fights and prove that your a fighter. But I guess these youtubers n tiktokers get to live out there never happening dreams .... money... man if you got it make your own boxing company right lol 😂 but to my true boxing fans yo canelo takes the belt tonight TRUE FIGHTER BABY !!! 🇲🇽

  • Yo keem thx for keeping me in the loop 24/7. 👌

  • Daddy Duncans Not fighting anymore.. smh my head

  • Ok