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6:53Chef Omar Tate on cooking, poetry, and future goals
Chef Omar Tate on cooking, poetry, and future goalsÁhorf 1,9 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
3:09The rise in demand for digital art
The rise in demand for digital artÁhorf 2,4 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
3:25Experts warn states reopening may be too much, too soon
6:35Author Steven Pressfield on new novel, personal journey
3:09Saturday Sessions: Julien Baker performs “Heatwave"
3:06Saturday Sessions: Julien Baker performs "Faith Healer"
4:02Saturday Sessions: Julien Baker performs "Hardline"
Saturday Sessions: Julien Baker performs "Hardline"Áhorf 4,7 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
3:25Signs of hope: COVID-19 vaccinations hit record high
2:42Deciding votes in an evenly divided Senate
Deciding votes in an evenly divided SenateÁhorf 4,4 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
5:51Trevor Noah on hosting the Grammy Awards
Trevor Noah on hosting the Grammy AwardsÁhorf 8 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
1:46Meghan Markle's liberation from the royals
Meghan Markle's liberation from the royalsÁhorf 400 þ.Degi Síðan síðan


  • Texans are getting billed $10,000, each, for their winter storm. Insane! How do you like your government in Texas, now? Paying that much owed for power during a storm when the power wasn't even on? So, Texans- are you still down on California and their regulated grid, thanks to Gray Davis, who was recalled by voters for Arnold? In January, Dallas resident Shannon Marrs paid $257 for electricity. But after Texas suffered the worst winter storm in years, Marrs' February electricity bill totaled more than $10,000. That's because for a period of 32 hours during the deepest freeze of February's winter storm, power companies were paying $9 per kilowatt-hour for electricity - about 75 times higher than the state's average winter costs. Companies passed those costs on to consumers. Texans facing those unexpected bills were hoping that Texas' utility regulator would retroactively reduce the electricity market prices. But on Friday, the Public Utility Commission of Texas chose to let the charges stand.

  • The cold staircase microscopically complete because pine posteriorly exist out a icy goldfish. curly, loving paint

  • In about 10 years their kids are going to look around the trailer park they live in and say "you gave up the palace for this".

  • I met Daniela prior to their opening, I used to run a couple Restaurants in Downtown Manhattan and she was looking for a small space to do their press release I think. I'm glad they did great but I haven't had the chance to try their food yet although I know they are some of the best in town. 👏👏


  • Full of baloney! Trouble maker and seeking attention.. Too much problems in the world this is really not important.

  • William chose filet mignon and champagne. Harry chose hamburger and beer.

  • What a waste of time & money!!!!

  • "Tradition" is part of the reason people are still racist.

  • The president Biden is nothing but a Obama funky and he is trying to push thought every thing that Obama wanted to do to destroy this country that we live in

  • What a nice young man! I wish you the best !!!

  • I am not buying her nonsense! Classic narcissist. Ive akready seen the Oprah interview. Her husband is involved in mental health awareness and she cant get help? Not buying it. Is she poor Meghan or strong Meghan? She is showing both. I am not buying her claims. Shes destroying Harrys relationships like she has her own family. She seems to even have signs of BPD border line. personality disorder but definite Narcissist NPD


  • They are all lying 😂so why didnt they say that a year ago or years ago 😂

  • I've got to say I absolutely in no way believe her claim that they had discussions about not giving the baby security. And I'll tell you for why folks - it's not the Royal Family that control that. It's the Met Police. How can that POSSIBLY be true, she's got to be making that up completely. That makes zero sense. Maybe she's talking about AFTER they left maybe and conflating the issue to make it more dramatic and play the victim.

  • I have never seen a more ignorant, idiotic, and stupid comment section... vaccines work people. Why do you think we dont see people with polio anymore. Suck it up.

  • It’s like Princess Diana 2.0

  • Meghan's destroying Harry and brain washing him

  • Oprah u r AMAZING

  • Who cares.

  • So happy Meghan is doing this ❤❤


  • 1:19 So being nice is now grooming? Bro come on, i know were not supposed to blame victims but lets not put the idea in men’s mind that being nice to women will get them trouble.

  • Hmm. You know what's interesting here is this allegedly happened to her in May and isn't that when "the media" was sexualizing the governor. Perhaps all of that attention went to his head. As a matter of fact they called the Cuomo movement "cuomosexual." It's amazing how the tables can turn. After listening to her it doesn't sound like sexual harassment, but also understanding her trauma history it makes sense how she might misconstrue things. I'm messed up in the head from trauma too so I get it. It really sounds innocent to me though, but we'll see how the investigation turns out. At this time though women and men alike were obsessed with the governor. Anyone else remember this before the nursing home stories came out, the cuomosexual stuff?

  • its 9 years now since 2012

  • This girl is paid off... Roger Stone and the crook are behind this... it always leads back to the crook. He was flirting he didn’t grab her by the - - - -y😑

  • Not at all reMARKLEble. Trying to be a Diana when it's just not working. Thinking she's the queen when she's just a spec in history. Acting like Grace Kelly when she never even made it in Hollywood. I'm American and she makes us sound not all that great.

  • She is an actress

  • Full support for them. Real talk tho, the "Garbagrotizze" chased his mom to her death and then, they're, thinking that they low key, keep messing with his wife. His whole family shishty for letting the so called press slide. It should be us against the world, period with family, royal or not. As for the Brit Press, I'm using that term very loosely, we see y'all's ish.👀. Megs isn't new to that slighting ish y'all do. They are FOS, garbage 🗑️!!!

  • Ok, how do men these days flirt with women that they are interested in? This is not harassment. She is just trying to get a paycheck! She sounds like an exaggerator who's looking for attention. Sorry but nothing she said is harassment.

  • Why aren’t y’all also arresting Bradley Martyn he’s a criminal who sold me black tar

  • she's not even good looking or alluring, i really doubt Andrew Cuomo would be attracted to her. i sure would not!!

  • It takes/requires a state/federal "I.D." to do "Everything" but "VOTE" ??? Wake Up !!!!!!

  • Your reputation in ethiopia is Poor

  • Who is more insufferable: Killer Cuomo or Meghan Markle?

  • he did it

  • Meghan Markle is a filthy rich celebrity who lives in a mansion...yet claims to be an oppressed victim. She is beautiful on the outside but vile on the inside.

  • Where is BLM and Antifa? Are you with the criminal?

  • If the Dems try to tell us that they will have a clean, voting, nobody will ever trust them. Never again!

  • Harvard just let's anyone in these days

  • Sickening CBS

  • How did he know about her past? Why would she talk to him about his past? My boss knows nothing about my personal life - nothing ! This doesn’t sound right to me ... definitely needs to be fully investigated

  • Cuomo is worse than Bill Clinton. Arrest him and put him in jail forever.

  • I see a tell all book coming fom Ms. Bennett to make her big money. How could he know if she was raped in past if she didn't tell him? Why on earth would you tell your Boss that anyway? All he did is hug her & now she's traumatized? Men do ask for dates & many co-workers do date. I just don't see anything so horrinle about this. How do we know she didn't lead him on & make this up for revenge? She serms very childish to me.

  • anyway good luck !

  • So corona in libral’s mind is deadlier than ISIS which was created by OBAMA and now Joe came to finish the unfinished work.

  • Demashits love this so thay can cheat

  • This just in: today marks a record high for number of days that have ever been.

  • Nobody gave a foot when djt was grabbing and yammering.

  • You can't have it both way. She looks like in her 40s and talk like a teenager.

  • This woman is sick.

  • Great video don’t let those conservative retards tell you otherwise

  • HISTORY WILL RECORD: the primary purpose of the scamdemic, turning an ordinary strain of the flu into the Apocalypse, was so that they could institute mass-mail in voting and thus fraud the election. Mission accomplished. You think these power-hungry leftist-marxists are going to give up their new-found power now? Put on your face diaper, shut up, and submit.

    • Right, the entire world conspired to affect one country's elections. That makes perfect sense.

  • I think this woman is making something out of nothing. She is full grown.this culture lets these kind of behaviors. She's lying!

  • 1000 comment yessir

    • it was also 1000 like

  • Punk's with the badge and guns

  • Stay focused on all the seniors that died in nursing home because of Cuomo.

  • his mom looks lonely .. I'll take her out for lunch

  • Being interviewed by Oprah is hardley the press but the British tabloid's are not the voice of the British people. And yes they were targeted her as the problem reflecting back on Harry's previuos relationships as a better option. The Tabloids made rascist remarks also about social class. Let's be real they have a family and still the tabloid s try to put a wedge between their relationship. Yes lert them be.

  • Who cares? Meghan got what she wanted. She separated her husband from his family, became royal... what more does she want!!!

  • Love these Amy's frozen foods.

  • People are waking up and not falling for their BS. Everything they say is a lie. I don't trust any of these people.

  • Funny .. she doesn't have much of a English accent, does she? Not much royal demeanor either. Nor class, to be honest. I hope the Queen retracts their formal titles, too ... leaves them totally out in the cold.

  • Bunch of Crap...Bunch of Crap. Period.

  • Can't help people who actually making an effort for themselves and their families....and yet, the government helps out housing for junkies and crap. Makes absolutely no sense at all!! Smfh 😡

  • that balcl new anchor is kinda dumb for that last comment. you dont use less lethal on deadly threats.

  • My current demand stands at $693,340 in cold hard cash to take the so-called 'COVID' vaccine. They must be in $20's, cold (not more than 50 degrees F.), fresh-minted, hard, crisp bills. Meanwhile, all you suckers enjoy that aborted baby juice coursing thru your veins.

  • No.

  • 966 deaths after the vaccination. 124k deaths to blame Biden

  • Im sure bennet thinks clinton is a god!

  • You want to be living an independent life for yourself - STAY AWAY FROM THE PALACE. NO SHAME AT ALL.

  • I don’t like the guy but why come out now 🤔🤔

  • The Royals,are Being Racists ,Clasists,And want to destroy Meghan just because they Can.

  • We don’t want them!! Sod off and don’t come back you nasty lying pair! Do research! PS.. Justice for Harry Dunn and his family! Killed by an American who then fled the country!

  • Don't mind me I'm just here to read the comments.

  • Just what she did to her family she is going to do the Harry the same thing and take him for a lot of money.

  • What happened when that woman’s family (dad and sister) doing interviews about her bad behaviors before she married into the “cage”? Everyone said they shouldn’t be exploding family’s matter to the public, and now she is doing the same thing... this tells lots about who she really is! Always the victim! And her feeling is the most important!

  • Maybe if they were black and cried BLM and systemic racism they could walk.

  • Imagine being so dumb to not know that puerto rico is part of America

  • Pope Francis, the highest Christian religious authority and spiritual leader. Not only he visiting a country most people associate with war and terrorism, but perhaps the most surprising thing he will do whilst there is his visit to Grand Ayatollah Sistani, who is the highest religious authority for Shia Muslims in the world. Now, this visit raises a lot of questions, most notably, why is this meeting in particular such a big deal? Who are Shia Muslims and why is the holy city of Najaf so significant? Now, let's start with that last question. And in order to understand the significance of Najaf, we need to talk about the significance of the Vatican. Strange, right? Bear with me for a minute, you see most people forgetting that the Vatican is the site of the burial of a personality that we don't talk about nearly as often as we should, St.Peter's Basilica houses the tomb of the Apostle Peter, also known as Simon, the son of Jonah. The Catholic Church recognises Peter as the first pope and, quote, vicar of Christ, meaning his successor. Now, the Shia recognise Peter as the cousin and more importantly, Christ appointed heir. I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven. Whatever you lucene on earth will be loosened and heaven. These are the words of Jesus Christ to Peter. Shias will be reminded of the Prophet's statement "'Ali is my brother and legatee and my successor among you. Obey him, follow him, and pay heed to his words." Which are the words of the holy prophet of Islam as he appointed his successor, Imam Ali. Now, the symbolism here cannot be overstated. The pontiff departs the Vatican, where the vicar of Christ is buried, to visit the ancient city of Najaf, where the vicar of Muhammed was buried. What makes Najaf so special is that the Islamic seminary, as important as that is, but that it's the site of the majestic mausoleum of Imam Ali, appointed heir and successor of the prophet of Islam. To us, the papal visit highlights the historical link between Peter on the one hand and Imam Ali on the other one prophetic successor with another. Najaf is also significant for a number of other reasons that many people don't know about. It is also where prophets Adam and Noah are buried. It is where Moses saw the burning bush and where God spoke to Moses for the first time, appointing him as his prophet critically. However, what makes it so incredibly important is that, according to Shia Muslims, the promised messiah, known as the Mahdi, is prophesied to live there when he reappears. At the end of times, the one whose lineage goes back to both the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him and his family and you guessed it coincidentally to St Peters. Once again, history goes full circle and divine justice is established via the two blessed chains of sainthood and beatitude. Now, theology aside, what makes this visit historic is the fact that the pope will visit the humble home of the grand ayatollah. Now, I want you to think about this word, which I'm sure if even if you're a non-Muslim, you've heard it before. For decades, the title Ayatollah was used as a pejorative and with contempt towards the entire Shia faith, particularly by officials and institutions adopting the Saudi regime's narrative. What does it actually mean? It's a title given to religious figures when they reach a certain level of scholarship. This is not a political designation, but a scholastic and religious appellation. In doing so, and with the pope visiting the home of the Grand Ayatollah, the world media will capture the serene spiritual atmosphere of the holy city, as well as the humble lifestyle of the ayatollah and his modesty, the kind of modesty that is unparalleled in the entire world. Because while Ayatollah Sistani is the spiritual leader of over two hundred million people across the globe and can amass a personal fortune and the hundreds of billions of dollars, this Shia religious authority, like all of his predecessors, lives in a tiny old mud brick shack located in an alleyway of the old city of Najaf. Quite the contrast from the Golden Thrones, bejewelled crowns and dazzling pomposity of other leaders of the world's great religions. The pope will get to meet a descendant of Abraham, who resembles the patriarch of Judaism, Christianity and Islam better than anyone else he's ever met before. A man who carries their legacy like no other religious leader has. The world will get to witness how the Ayatollah lives like the poorest people, despite his influence and global reach, where his mere dismay or the hint of displeasure can bring down entire governments, as it did in twenty nineteen, most recently, where the Prime Minister and his entire cabinet resigned when the representative of the Grand Ayatollah hinted that it should. In a recent meeting with the grand ayatollah, he told us the 40 square metre house that he lives in, just think about that for a moment. Four hundred square foot tiny old home that he uses as his personal dwelling. He said that this house is, in fact, an endowment for people who don't own a house and they must satisfy certain conditions to be able to live in it. He said that he had thus instructed his children that they are not to inherit the house after his death. And while we and the Shia world are used to this level of asceticism, others cannot fathom how someone who yields so much power and controls vast sums of money can be so detached from personal comforts. What you need to understand is that Ayatollah Sistani sees himself as a small student of Imam Ali. This, my dear viewers, is the single most important message in the pope's visit to the holy city of Najaf that as great as Ayatollah Sistani is, as unparalleled as he is, as incredibly humble as he is, as accessible as he is. He is a reflection of the legend of Holly that inspires our leaders with such modesty and self-discipline. It was his life, meaning that of Ali, that taught us that true love can only be acquired when one genuinely cares for others, such that he experiences the life of the poorest and most marginalised people. Imam Ali, whose grave blesses Najaf and his shrine is the centre of this holy city, was an ascetic just like his brothers, Jesus and Moses. But unlike those prophets, Ali was a leader of 50 present-day nations from northern Libya to eastern Afghanistan. Yet despite his expansive and powerful empire, lived in such extreme austerity that baffles people to this day. Thank you for your interest.